The Kupa River

Despite its small size, Slovenia is rich in attractions , including natural ones. One of these is the Kupa River. It serves as a kind of natural boundary between Croatia and Slovenia, because it takes place in both countries.

What is the river Kupa?

In Slovenia, the Kupa River is the right tributary of the Sava. The total length of the river is 296 km, and the basin -10,032 km ². Its source is in the Croatian national park Risnjak. Among the largest tributaries of the Kupa there are the following: Good, Clay, Odra, Koran.

The Slovenian part of the river is in the area of ​​the thermal spa Dolenjske Toplice. The advantages of the Kupa is that its beaches are a popular tourist destination. In addition, its waters are rich in fish, so even an inexperienced fisherman expects a good catch.

The river Kupa is one of the cleanest and warmest in Slovenia, so hiking and walking along the riverbed will bring a lot of pleasure and benefit. Various events and wonderful holidays are organized here, in which not only local residents, but also the guests of Slovenia participate.

To the sights the river is due to the presence of waterfalls and a good geographical location. Both factors attract tourists who can admire the beautiful scenery, visit picturesque villages and ancient city centers.

In Croatia, on the bank of the river, whole cities and a hydroelectric power station were built under the project of Nikola Tesla. In the territory of Slovenia, in its southeastern part, Kupa is untouched by man, therefore it is an ideal place for rest. Here you can see about 50 ancient dams or swim.

Features of natural attractions

The temperature of the water in summer does not fall below 30 ° C. To get acquainted with Kupa is best on a canoe, which can be rented. Having made the rafting, you will be able to see the wild nature, rich in different representatives of fauna and flora. For tourists, bike or hiking trails are also prepared.

Among entertainment events, kayaking, rafting or boating are also in demand. The course of the river is calm, so it is ideal for beginners or inexperienced oarsmen. To leave without a souvenir it will not turn out, therefore local residents will show products of traditional craft - coloring of Easter eggs.

How to get there?

To get to the river Kupa it is necessary on the rented car, as the public transport does not go to it.