Coca Cola and another 20 ancient methods of contraception, which shock modern women

In history, a large number of drugs are known that have been used at different times to prevent pregnancy. It is staggering that some techniques are not so ineffective, but also unsafe for life.

Today, the most common and affordable method of contraception is a condom, and its primitive models appeared 3,000 years ago. In ancient times and in the modern world, people used and use other methods of protection from pregnancy, and it should be noted that many of them look strange and even absurd. Do not repeat this in real life!

1. Berry Contraception

Ancient Indians used juniper berries not only for culinary purposes, but also cooked on their basis tea, which, in their opinion, should exclude pregnancy for three days. The berries were also ground and lubricated with the vagina juice, which made the uterus unfit for growth of the embryo. Used them before and after sexual intercourse.

2. Ginger contraceptives

There was an unusual remedy for pregnancy in ancient Greece, and one of them was invented by the doctor Soran of Ephesus. He suggested making vaginal candles from ginger and pomegranates. Did not the women feel the burning sensation from the burning spice?

3. Protection from pregnancy by herbs

In ancient times people used different herbs to treat numerous diseases and to prevent pregnancy. Swamp peppermint was brewed and taken inside. Surprisingly, a biophysical research laboratory recommends officially recognizing the effectiveness of using tea after sex so that fertilization does not occur. Doctors do not recommend experimenting with this method of contraception, as this can cause harm to the health.

4. Ancient analogues of intrauterine rings

In ancient India had their own unique contraceptives and then women used specific intrauterine rings that were made from table salt soaked in vegetable oil. There is another composition - a mixture of melted milk, honey and excrement of an elephant.

5. Multi-functional cotton

Do you think that this plant was used only for making fabrics and nets? This is not true. In ancient times it was used as a means to prevent pregnancy. In China, men took cottonseed oil, which caused infertility, and African slaves chewed the root of the plant for this purpose.

6. Deadly contraception

Today even children know that you need to be careful with the thermometers, because there is a poisonous substance inside. Many are surprised and shocked by the fact that in ancient times Chinese concubines used mercury and lead to prevent pregnancy. Interestingly, they were not embarrassed that women fell ill and died in time?

7. Tearing contraceptive

Especially inventive in the field of contraceptive methods were the ancient Egyptians and from some ways the eyes climb on the forehead. Just imagine, men lubricated the penis with onion juice. What logic they were guided by, it is not clear.

8. Unique composition of tampons

In the study of Egypt, the papyrus of Ebers was found, which dates back to 1550 BC. and an instruction for women was described in it. It states that for the preparation of a contraceptive, it is necessary to mix the crushed dates, honey and dried acacia juice. The resulting mixture was impregnated with a piece of wool from which the tampon was made, and it was inserted into the vagina. Modern experiments have shown that acacia juice contains lactic acid anhydride, and this substance is disastrous for spermatozoa.

9. Japanese exotica

If you think that modern condoms are dulling sensations during sex, then imagine that earlier in Ancient Japan men used adaptations made from tortoise shell. It's hard to even imagine how this happened, but it's a fact.

10. Excrement for protection

Historians in the documents of Ancient Egypt dating from 1850 BC, found a description of ancient methods of contraception. Of course, the composition is specific, so it includes excrement of crocodile, honey and sodium carbonate. A ready mix was injected into the vagina. Scientists have conducted research and determined that there was some sense in this, since the feces have an alkaline base that shows spermicidal properties.

11. Complicated and strange approach

In ancient times, for the treatment of various diseases, bloodletting was used, for example, it was used to curb the person's libido. If we consider the procedure from a technical point of view, then this will work, but is it worth it to complicate your life?

12. Squats against pregnancy

Already mentioned about the ancient Greek physician Sorana, so he suggested another way to prevent pregnancy, and more strange. Used it after sexual intercourse. The doctor recommended that the Greek squat and sneeze well. Soran believed that due to the abrupt tension of the abdominal muscles, unwanted liquids can be removed from the body.

13. "Lace of Anna"

By this name of the protective agent means seeds of wild carrots. Hippocrates also wrote that this plant has contraceptive properties. Seeds were recommended to be taken orally, but not later than 8 hours after sexual contact. It is worth noting that this method in ancient times even led to the death of women, because often for wild carrots, other poisonous plants were taken.

14. The deadly help of blacksmiths

Another strange remedy for a doctor from Ancient Greece Soran is blacksmith's water. He recommended that women who did not want to have children should drink water in which smiths cooled hot metal products. Few people at that time thought about that in such a liquid were heavy metals, and this could lead to poisoning and even death.

15. Citrus contraceptives

According to existing sources, in the XVIII century, to prevent unwanted pregnancies, used circles of lemon and this has some sense, because citrus acid kills spermatozoa. Jewish women used a sponge moistened with lemon juice as a contraceptive.

16. Not for sausage, but for protection

Today, guts are used as a natural shell for sausage, and earlier pork intestines were a common method of contraception. In ancient sources there is even an instruction in which it is said that at first "condom" should be soaked in warm milk, which made the structure soft and elastic.

17. Unusual way of applying Coca-Cola

Even modern girls do not lag behind in their experiments concerning the search for a cheap method of contraception. Sweating after sex to prevent pregnancy was used in antiquity, but if it was seawater, lemon juice and other acidic and corrosive liquids, now there are women who make Coca-Cola procedures. We do not recommend using this method, as the vaginal mucosa may suffer.

18. Effective protection of beavers

There was a unique tool for Canadian women in the XVI century, they were preparing a setting for which a concentrated alcohol was poured into the testicles of the beaver. Helping such a swill or not, it is unknown.

19. Strange natural contraceptive

Residents of the island of Sumatra in ancient times used a diaphragm of poppy heads to prevent pregnancy. Doubtful defense, of course.

20. Weasel, not to become pregnant

In the Middle Ages there were strange and ridiculous methods of treatment and contraception, which were based on myths and rumors. For example, it was believed that a woman could protect herself from pregnancy if she tied the testicles of the male petting and his bones to the inner surface of the thighs. It would be interesting to learn about the logic of such a decision.

21. Tasty way to prevent pregnancy

Earlier in the hot countries, where papaya grows on a tree, like our apple, we used unripe fruit for contraception. They were recommended to men, which led to a weakening of sperm production, but through the time the reproductive function was restored. Scientific research on this subject was not conducted.