Recessed Ceiling Lights

The lighting of rooms plays a very important role both for human health and for the design of the room.

Each of us wants to make the light in the evening hours look like a natural one. Lamps hanging from the ceiling have long been out of date, and they are replaced by a different type of ceiling lamps, in some cases built-in. Their main advantage is that they evenly distribute light throughout the room and fit into any interior of the room. Use such fixtures in suspended ceilings: tension, suspended and lath ceilings . Fasteners, like structural parts, are installed when installing the ceiling itself. Since there are many models of such lamps, designers recommend choosing them taking into account the color of the interior. For a bright room bright lights will fit, and the beauty of a dark room can be brilliantly emphasized. Very interesting is the option of placing the fixtures in groups independent of each other.

Types of recessed ceiling light fixtures

Strict in appearance raster ceiling fixtures having tubular fluorescent lamps are used mainly in large public areas. They have a fairly long life, low cost and compared to incandescent lamps, they consume several times less electricity.

Recessed ceiling spotlights are often used as a supplement to basic lighting. They are different in shape, color and size, they are used mainly for highlighting individual places in the interior of the room or individual items, for example arches, swimming pools, suitable for multi-level ceilings and an excellent choice for the kitchen.

When installing spotlights on stretch ceilings, in order to preserve their shape, it is necessary to select models with insulated light bulbs. The insulation material must have poor thermal conductivity. Restrictions should also be on the power of the lamps.

Fixtures for the kitchen, bathroom or any other room where there is an excess of moisture or dust, are manufactured in a special protective housing. When you purchase it, you need to make sure that you have the markings. The IP sign indicates that the lamp you have selected will be protected from dust and moisture. How effective, indicate next-standing figures, the so-called index of protection. The higher the numbers, the stronger the protection.

From the spotlights placed on the ceiling, the light is distributed, as a rule, from the top down. But, since each room needs different lights, spotlights are usually combined with another kind of lighting.

Recessed LED Ceiling Lights

Built-in LED ceiling lights are very economical, and have a fairly long life. Light output from them is several times greater than that of incandescent lamps. They give little heat and are absolutely safe to operate. In addition, for their use, reflectors and reflectors are not required. Other positive characteristics are rapid ignition and independence of life from the number of inclusions. Price - almost the only drawback of these fixtures. In the rest they are in many ways superior to other types of lighting.

In addition to LED and spot ceiling lamps, there are also rack mounts, designed for stretch ceilings.

Before the installation work, you need to think in advance how you want to see the lighting of each zone of the room. After all, it largely depends on the area of ​​the room, the type of lighting chosen, the number of lamps and their power, as well as from which side of the world the windows of the room appear.