Cupboard in Provence style

Every year the number of fans of the romantic style of Provence increases, and not only in the vastness of the native land, but also far beyond its borders.

Exquisite simplicity, comfort of the French province, among other things, is created with the help of light and slightly aged furniture, decorated with carvings and drawings. The wardrobe in the style of Provence - an excellent representative of the interior of the European country house.

Wardrobe in the interior

Any furniture in the style of Provence strikes with its expressiveness and elegance. It is characterized by smooth lines, gentle light brown and beige flow, creating a sense of home comfort and comfort in any room. Whether it's a corner or straight, a crystal-white or painted wardrobe in the style of Provence, it will always become the highlight of the interior, decorating and complementing it.

The wardrobes and wardrobes in the bedroom in the style of Provence are of high quality, because they are made of solid wood. They perfectly fit into the environment with natural textiles, a bed with an iron or carved headboard, delicate wallpaper with plant motifs. Also in the bedroom, combined with the cabinet, you need a bookcase in the style of Provence.

In the hallway, the Provence-style wardrobe will also suit you best, immediately showing the guests the character and taste of the hosts. Especially convenient in a small apartment built-in wardrobe in the style of Provence, which is a kind of dressing room.

A kitchen cabinet in the style of Provence for dishes is a solid and hardy furniture that will serve you and your grandchildren. By the way, the inherited kitchen cabinet from your grandmother can be turned into an elegant piece of furniture, for example, in a wine cabinet in the style of Provence, by painting and other simple decoration. The quality of old wooden furniture, I must say, simply excellent.