Selvatura Park

Wonderful park The countryside in Costa Rica seems to hide all its charms under the cloudy curtain of Monteverde. It is on one of its slopes is an amazing reserve. In it you can learn the life of the real jungle, look at perennial ferns and test the canopy platforms. Walking around the corners of the park is an interesting and fascinating activity, which is sure to please adults and children alike.

Inside the park

In the park Selvatura is rarely sunny and hot. On the contrary, mainly in its territory, high humidity and often drizzles. Therefore, everyone who wants to visit this wonderful place should be dressed accordingly. Inside the park you will find a walk through the real, wild jungles of Costa Rica . You can visit the gorges of Monteverde, walk along wooden bridges over precipices or along narrow paths among dense thickets of ferns. In the park there are many trees called "Selva", which can grow only on mountain slopes. Their curved shape and pomp of the tops amaze all tourists.

There is also a small pavilion in which beautiful birds of the hummingbird are raised. It has special feeding troughs and small structures in which the birds are nesting. You, naturally, can observe the life of magnificent hummingbirds and even feed them from hand. And near the entrance to the park there is a shop where you can buy everything you need for an excursion (raincoats, shoes, walking sticks, etc.) and souvenirs. Also on the territory there is a small cafe, it serves national dishes and drinks.

Canopi Tour

Kanopi is a new, but popular in Costa Rica, sport that is suitable for fans of thrills and extreme. In the park Selvatura there is a specially equipped playground with modern and strong attributes. High-speed descent on the ropes between the trees is not only for the desperate extreme, but also for the novice athletes. In the park there are 15 routes and they are divided into types: for beginners, intermediate level of training and dangerous descents. To go through training and try to go down you can, having paid 15 dollars.

How to get there?

Park Selvatura is located in the Monteverde area on the slope of the mountain of the same name. If you arrange a sightseeing tour, then you can get there by sightseeing bus. If you move by private car, then you need to move along the route number 620. Near the park, more precisely 600 meters, there is a bus station Transmonterverde, to which you can take the bus number 606.