International Graphic Arts Center

The International Graphic Arts Center (MCGS) is a unique modern gallery that has a large collection of contemporary art objects. More than 5,000 works by Slovenian and foreign authors are stored in the center.

Description and structure of the Center

The international graphic center of fine arts is located in the ancient castle of Tivoli, located in the park of the same name, which was built in the XVII century on the ruins of a medieval castle. The contrast of the premises of the gallery and exhibits strengthens the main features of modern graphic art.

MCGS was opened in 1986 on the basis of the biennial of graphics and art of the press of the 20th century. The initiator of the creation of the Center was Zoran Křishnik, who wanted to save a large collection of prints and books of world artists with the help of the gallery. All works were created in the second half of the XX century, after the Second World War. They represent the basis of the collection. The most famous area of ​​work of the International Graphic Arts Center is the Biennale of Graphic Arts. This exhibition is one of the most important events in the world regarding graphics.

Structure of the center

In addition to the gallery and museum, MCGS has rooms where graphic art is created and demonstrated:

  1. Printing studio . This part of the center is responsible for the production. Here, artists can print their works by any modern method. Also, authors can learn the printed craft, study the development of the press and master the most common methods. Today the main types of printing used in Print Studios are lithography and silk-screen printing. It is interesting that originally the studio was conceived as a laboratory where Slovenian and foreign artists could work on the development of graphic art.
  2. Research room . It was opened somewhat later than the International Graphic Arts Center itself. Interest in the center increased every year, for many, graphic art became a real discovery, and they wanted to plunge into it with their heads, because of which it was decided to open the Study room at the Moscow State Humanitarian Institute. Today, seminars and conferences are held there. In the room itself is an exhibition, which includes the work of famous authors, art magazines, posters, CDs, as well as books on graphic art.

Museum collection and excursions

The Museum of the Graphic Center has the largest in Slovenia collection of paintings and publications created after the Second World War. In the museum there is the only collection of modernist prints in the country, there are more than 10 000 of them. Many world artists donated their best works to the museum's collection free of charge. The center of the permanent exhibition is a collection of art publications, which includes:

In order to view the museum, you can choose one of the following excursions:

  1. "Guided tours of exhibitions in the gallery" - 45 minutes. A group of 5 people with a guide gets acquainted with the Graphic Center, stopping in the exhibition halls and the Research room, where a presentation about contemporary art is demonstrated. The ticket price is $ 4.15. Preferential ticket (schoolchildren, students, pensioners) - $ 2.40.
  2. "Printmaking demonstrations" - 45 minutes. The tour takes place at the Printing Studio, where a group of 15 people, under the guidance of professionals, participates in all stages of the press and gets acquainted with the methods. The ticket price is $ 2.50.
  3. "Guided tours of exhibitions and demonstrations of printmaking techniques . " In the group no more than 5 people. During the tour, the participants examine the main expositions and learn about the printing technology. This tour of the center is perfect for people who first get acquainted with graphic art. The ticket price is $ 7.75, the reduced ticket is $ 4.15.
  4. "Lectures in the Study Room" - 30 minutes. This excursion provides for a lecture in the Learning Room and an introduction to the collection presented there. Group of 10-15 people. The ticket price is $ 1.20.

How to get there?

The International Graphic Arts Center is located in the center of Ljubljana and can be reached by bus. The nearest station is "Tivolska", it stops on Route 52.