The Municipal Museum of Ljubljana

One of the significant cultural attractions of Ljubljana , the capital of Slovenia , is the City Museum. It is located in the historical center of the city and is included in any tourist route, so it is visited by tens of thousands of people a year. Interesting excursions, unusual exhibits attract both adults and children.

Ljubljana City Museum - description

The Municipal Museum of Ljubljana is dedicated to the history of the region, while exhibits show not only modern events, but the most ancient history. The museum was created in 1935, a place for it served as a beautiful medieval mansion, built in the Renaissance style. It is very difficult to pass the building, because it is an architectural monument that attracts tourists.

The interior of the interior is amazing, and the spacious halls store more than 200,000 valuable exhibits. The museum collection includes:

The most unusual exhibit is an old wooden wheel, whose age is at least 40 thousand years.

What does the museum offer?

Experienced guides conduct various activities for children, students and adults. The tour can be either individual or as part of a tour group. Some of the archaeological finds were made during the reconstruction of the mansion itself.

Of particular interest are artifacts relating to the late Middle Ages, the middle and late period of La Tena. In the museum you can see an ancient Roman well. In addition to the permanent exposition, the halls are sometimes filled with exhibits from private collections.

In the museum there are exhibitions of young artists and other masters. By prior arrangement in the museum you can celebrate a birthday. To do this, select one of the five programs. For children, cognitive programs are also arranged, during which children learn important information through games.

Information for tourists

The Municipal Museum of Ljubljana is located at: Gosposka, 15. Weekends: every Monday, January 1, November 1 and December 25. The rest of the days the museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 and only on Thursdays until 21:00.

Excursions are arranged for groups of 10 or more people. The price for the ticket depends on the age of the visitor. For example, an adult will have to pay about 4 euros, a child 2.5 euros.

How to get there?

The Ljubljana City Museum is located on the eastern bank of the Ljubljanica River . You can reach it by public transport, which departs from the city center.