Ljubljana grad

Ljubljana Castle is a medieval castle towering above the old part of Ljubljana . The city is the most famous landmark of the capital. From it the history of the city began and to it the most curious pages of Ljubljana's history concern. Today Ljubljana Castle is a historical heritage of Slovenia , which is an obligatory part of the excursion route around the capital.

Construction and Restoration

The exact date of construction is unknown. The first mention of the Ljubljana castle dates from 1114. Historians argue that the castle was erected in the IX century. Many sieges and fires partially destroyed the fortress. Its restoration was carried out by the owners of the territory, at different times they were Celts, Illyrians and ancient Romans. Their influence is evident in some fragments of the masonry, which clearly demonstrate the architectural style of a particular people or era.

The exterior of the castle, which we can observe today, it found in the early 16th century. The strongest earthquake partially destroyed the city and caused considerable damage to Grad, because of what it had to be restored. Then he received the appearance, which has survived to the present day.

The last large-scale reconstruction began in the 60s of the last century and was completed only in the 90's. First of all, it was aimed at preserving the architecture of the castle, but not to modernize the Castle.

What is interesting about the castle?

Depending on who ruled the lands of Ljubljana, the castle performed different functions. As a residence it was used until the XV century. During the Napoleonic Wars, the castle housed a hospital, which was later replaced by a prison and garrison. In 1905 the city of Ljubljana was bought out by the city administration with the aim of making a local history museum there. But the circumstances prevented this, and a huge fortress, which was in a state of debility, was used as a haven for poor people. After a while, money was found, and a long restoration made from the medieval castle the center of cultural life in Slovenia.

Today the main cultural events of the country are held in Ljubljana City: concerts, theater performances and festivals. It also organizes protocol receptions and organizes congresses. Tourists can visit the permanent exhibition, which tells in detail about the history of the castle and the city, as well as about the ancient settlements that were on the hill before the construction of the Castle. Their burials were found during the restoration of the castle.

What to see?

Visiting the Ljubljana Castle causes only positive emotions. On the territory of the huge fortress there are several buildings that deserve special attention of the guests:

  1. Chapel of St. George . It was built in the second half of the 15th century, illuminated in 1489. The chapel was built in the Gothic style, which has survived until now. Every year on the first Sunday of January the temple is visited by pilgrims from all over the country.
  2. Watchtower . It was erected in 1848 and played an important role. In it was a watchman who fired a cannon in the event of a fire in the city. The watchman could see absolutely the whole city and even its surroundings, so the main thing was not to oversleep. Also, the tower worker informed the townspeople about the arrival of important people or other important events.

How to get there?

Ljubljana Castle is located in the city center, you can reach it by bus number 2. Exit is necessary at the stop "Krekov trg". From the station to the entrance to the fortress of 190 m. To get to the castle you need to go through the park for another 400 m.