Fountain of the Three Carniol Rivers

The fountain of the three Carniol rivers, or the "Robba Fountain", is a well-known Ljubljana landmark . The monument is a vivid representative of the Baroque. Similar works of architecture can be seen in Rome. In addition, he has an interesting story, which makes tourists linger near the monument for a long time.

What is interesting about the fountain?

The fountain of the three Carnoilles rivers is the work of the architect Francesco Robba. He was the author of many monuments in Rome. This monument was the swan song of the creator. The work was very fond of Slovenes, because of what they decided to perpetuate the name of its author, giving the fountain the second name "Fountain of Robba". The architect was inspired by the history and geography of Ljubljana , so he created a rather interesting and deep plot.

In the center of the exposition are three gods of water, they embody the three Carniol rivers - Ljubljanica , Sava and Krk. Two of them flow through the capital. The base of the fountain is made in the form of a shamrock. He was chosen not accidentally, but taken from the pages of the history of the city. The form of the shamrock had the old seal of Ljubljana. Robba considered that this fact should be kept in the memory of the townspeople.

The fountain was opened in 1751 and is still preserved in its original form. It is regularly restored, trying not to break even the most delicate lines. The monument is part of the Venetian era, which sets it apart from other Slovenian attractions.

How to get there?

To get to the Fountain of the three Carnoyl rivers, you need to take the city bus No. 32 and get off at the Mestna Hisa stop. In 10 m from the station there is a tourist attraction.