White furniture in the interior

White color in the interior always looks elegant and solemn. Not everyone dares to furnish such an apartment or house. Firstly, it is difficult to combine light colors of furniture with wall decoration competently, because there are not so many options. And secondly, if you decided to use it in the interior, consider that the price of white soft and cabinet furniture is always an order of magnitude higher than the cost of brown or black furniture.

White furniture in the interior of the living room

When used in the interior of white furniture, designers either emphasize the color and emphasize it in every way, or they outplay it and make it only part of the whole composition.

In each of the options, the main goal is to correctly design such a bold color. If you picked up white glossy furniture, walls in the interior should be painted in a calm beige or gray shade.

For fans of air decoration rooms are suitable expand racks or cabinets of simple geometric shapes without any decor. Such simple forms of white furniture in the interior of the living room is very good to beat with light: use the lighting of shelves, glass with tinting or silvering. In other words, your task is to make the volume white.

Bedroom interior with white furniture

As a rule, furniture of light shades is executed in several stylistic directions. These are extravagant beds and pedestals in the style of the shebbi-chic, modest forms of provence or exquisite curves of the classics and art deco .

If you decide to create a bedroom interior with white furniture, then look for a light shade of textiles. Suits and curtains of coffee, beige, sand or other bed colors will suit. This allows you to create an impression of cleanliness and freshness of the room. Less often white furniture is found in a more modern interior. Minimalist direction can be supported by a black and white composition on the wall in the form of paintings or photos, shades of gray or dark blue will suit. So that the white does not seem so boring, add a few bright accents of lilac, beige or peach color.

White furniture in the interior of the nursery

At first glance it may seem that the white color is inappropriate in the child's room. Most often for children decorate a nursery in pink, lilac, blue, green or yellow colors. All of them are perfectly combined with white.

In the nursery the main thing is to create a cosiness and space for the child's imagination, so they try to design the walls and floors with drawings, and the furniture in this case should only perform its direct functions. So white furniture simply shades bright colors and as if dissolves in the interior.