Stimulation of ovulation

One of the most common methods of treating infertility in women is to stimulate ovulation. If you are diagnosed with anovulation, then you need to understand that the definition of such a disease is impossible without cyclical ultrasound.

Before assigning stimulation, the doctor is obliged to conduct a survey that will help determine the contraindications to stimulation, the need for prior therapy and choose the stimulation scheme, the dosage of drugs, depending on the individual characteristics of your body.

Stimulation of ovulation is carried out with polycystic ovaries, the formation of healthy ovaries in the ovaries, which can not go through the whole cycle of maturation and with irregular ovulation.

How do ovulation stimulate?

Today, there are many safe and effective methods of stimulating ovulation:

  1. Stimulation with the help of medications - inducers of ovulation. As a result of their use, female ovaries produce eggs suitable for fertilization. During this procedure, the patient's condition is monitored by doctors. When the doctor determines the onset of ovulation, the method of fertilization is chosen: it can be stimulation with IVF or in a natural way. In case the patient chooses the stimulation of ovulation with IVF, then it is enough for 1-2 egg cells. If the choice is stopped on the second option, several eggs will be required for fertilization.
  2. Vitamins for stimulation of ovulation. Future mothers need more vitamins and microelements than anyone else. The main need of an organism that is preparing to become pregnant is folic acid. Lack of this substance in the body can lead to such a terrible consequence as an intrauterine pathology of development. The second, not less important element is iodide. In addition, the network often finds information that stimulation requires the use of vitamins A, C, E, however, such data are not supported by medicine.

Most often, ovulation stimulation is done with drugs that control the work of the genital area, or else preparations of clostilbegite. These medicines stimulate the ovaries for the formation and maturation of follicles. The most popular for the stimulation of ovulation is the injection of klofimenom. Begin induction from small doses from 3-5 days of the cycle to the 7th, or from the 5th to the 9th days. In parallel with the injections, systematic monitoring of the maturation of the egg by ultrasound is carried out. Often, ovulation occurs 2-3 days after the injection.

Possible negative consequences of ovulation stimulation

If the first induction of ovulation with the help of klofimena was unsuccessful, it can be repeated no more than 5 times in all life. Especially with a constant increase in doses. In the case of abuse of such drugs, the ovaries begin to deplete early, and a premature menopause occurs. If the effects of ovulation stimulation are negative, then the cause of infertility should be sought in another region. After all, if you admit ovarian exhaustion - subsequent attempts at treatment by any methods will be useless.

Remember that the method of stimulating ovulation does not give a 100% guarantee, so in case of failure - do not drop your hands, but try again and again. After all, the effectiveness of stimulation of ovulation directly depends on such reasons as the age of the woman and the duration of anovulation. Usually, with the first attempt, only 10-15% of women can become pregnant. Nevertheless, pregnancy after stimulation of ovulation is a reality to which one should strive. The professionalism of doctors and modern medicine give women a chance to experience all the joys of motherhood.