Anembrionia - causes

Anembrion is one of the types of undeveloped pregnancy in which ultrasound is marked with a fetal egg that can even increase in dynamics, but there is no embryo in it or it stopped at the earliest stage of development. Unfortunately, 10-15% of women who become pregnant each year face this diagnosis and then wonder why the embryo does not develop?

Causes of anembryonia

The causes of anembryonia can be very different. Most often, these are genetic disorders that led to the early death or stoppage of the development of a fertilized egg. In addition, the cause may be the pathological state of the egg or sperm. When they met, they gave birth to a new life, but the multiplication of cells did not go as planned by nature, the fetal egg was formed and attached to the uterus, but the embryo of the fetus stopped developing.

In addition, the reasons may lie in the health of the woman herself. Anembrionia of the fetus may occur due to an infection at an early stage, a sudden rise in temperature, exposure to toxic substances or drugs prohibited for consumption during pregnancy. Harmful habits, such as alcohol use, smoking or even drug use, can also have an adverse effect on the embryo.

In some cases, it is not possible to establish precisely the cause of anembrionia. Unfortunately, it can occur even in an absolutely healthy woman.

Symptoms and treatment of anembrion

Anembrion has practically no symptoms. The woman, often, continues to feel pregnant, since a fetal egg secretes a certain level of hormones into the blood, in some cases, there may be traumatic pains or slight bleeding, as a rule, these are symptoms of detachment of the fetal egg. Anembrion is detected on ultrasound. The most favorable scenario for women's health is early detection of anembrion, when it is possible to provoke a miscarriage medically. If the period is already long enough, it is necessary to do a curettage of the uterus under anesthesia, and this is an operational intervention, which can have negative consequences. After anembrion, as well as after any other kinds of frozen pregnancy, it is necessary to be protected for at least six months.

Why can not you see the embryo?

However, it is by no means always the fact that the ultrasound diagnostician does not see an embryo in the fetal egg, means no pregnancy and the need for cleaning. In some cases, it happens that the embryo is not visible on a bad ultrasound machine because of a small resolution, or conception occurred somewhat later than a woman thinks. It happens that the size of the fetal egg does not match the period of pregnancy. In addition, the embryo grows spasmodically and, probably, the woman just hurried to go to the ultrasound. Therefore, it is worthwhile to know that only on the basis of one result of ultrasound, during which it was not possible to see embryo, you can not go to a medical abortion. It is necessary to double-check the diagnosis with several specialists, and also check the blood for HCG. Only in the event that all studies confirm an undeveloped pregnancy it is necessary to agree to scraping the uterus.

The diagnosis of anembrion is not a verdict, even if the stagnant pregnancy happens several times in a row. However, after curettage of the uterus, especially if this happens not the first time, it is necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the couple and establish the reason why there is no embryo. This will help to cure infertility more quickly and to find the happiness of motherhood.