Child development in 7 months - what should be able to do?

In the first year of his life the kid is able to surprise parents with new skills every day. Each month, mom can celebrate a number of different achievements of her little girl. There is an approximate list of skills for each age, which gives some information about the development of crumbs. Therefore, it is useful for mother to know what the child can do in 7 months.

Physical development

For this month, children usually gain about 600 grams, and grow 2 cm. Many babies at this time begin to erupt teeth. Karapuz learns to crawl and diligently improve in this. Independently to sit and stand at a support - that should be able to be crumb at 7 months, and it speaks about normal development of the child. But do not worry if the kid does not have such skills, since all children are individual. The child is trying to reach out to the subjects that interested him. He can try to eat with a spoon. But do not expect that children at this age can eat and not get dirty. However, parents should encourage the desire of the child to eat their own cutlery and drink from the mug.

Children improve coordination of movements, they learn to shift the object from hand to hand. By this time the baby has already tried the lure and gradually his diet is expanding. Meat is introduced into the menu . It can be veal, chicken. The regime of the day should be comfortable for mom and baby, and depends on individual characteristics.

Mental and emotional development

The karapuz gladly studies the world around him. The child at 7 months makes the first discovery, which contributes to emotional and intellectual development. For the given age such features of behavior of the kid are characteristic:

Everything that a child can do in 7 months is important, and these skills require a lot of strength and energy.

Sight and hearing

At this age, the kid is able to follow the sight of the rapid movements of objects. He can with interest consider bright children's books. For this purpose, it is good to choose those in which large illustrations are presented.

It is also worth noting that the child at 7 months has the ability to distinguish colors at the adult level.

Karapuz starts to distinguish even quiet sounds, precisely determines its source, turns its head towards it.

What can you teach a child in 7 months?

Now children are particularly interested in actions with objects, so you need to involve him in games with cubes, a pyramid. If you lay out toys at some distance from the baby, it will interest him and prompt him to get to the goal himself.

This age gives a good ground for learning toddler. Mom may seem that the child at 7 months does not understand what he is told about, but after a while the result will be noticeable.

For the development of speech you need to talk a lot with a crumb, clearly pronouncing words. All their actions must be pronounced in words. All this allows you to teach your child to understand the speech, and also give him the opportunity to remember many new words.

You can teach the karapuza simple gestures, for example, waving "Bye", show "Give."