Twin Set

The Italian brand Twin Set has gained tremendous popularity due to the stunning collections of silk or knitwear. Handmade applications, unusual embroideries, soft colors and fabulous fabrics make all Twin Set women's clothing into true masterpieces. The collections of Twin Set have been symbols of refinement, convenience and elegance for ten years already.

Brand products

Clothing Twin Set creates a rather eccentric and colorful images that are filled with South American and oriental motifs. The trends of the brand are frivolous bows, floral prints , flounces and frills that reveal a feminine philosophy. Products abound in a variety of embroidery, sequins, non-traditional methods of staining or printing are used, which give the products a sense of chic and simplicity. Steady shades of things remain nutty, berry, caramel, chocolate and soft cream.

The brand's trademark symbolizes the shape of the heart, which means the promise to create its products with a warm inspiration, a pure soul, sincerely, while giving exceptionally beautiful things. It is the owner and driving force of the firm Simon Barbieri who has undertaken such a difficult mission. In Italy, the brand almost immediately acquired a huge number of dedicated fans, and a few years later already around the world talking about this brand. Each fashionista is imbued with unpredictable, romantic and original images.

The number of followers is growing steadily in 15 countries of the world. More and more admirers find themselves in the sensual direction of classical Italian fashion. Every thing without exception is completely individual, because it is not similar to other products of other fashion designers, but at the same time, all things always correspond to modern trends of the fashion world. Despite the high quality and exclusivity, brand clothing is available to almost all customers with different levels of prosperity.

Twin Set Spring-Summer 2013

In the summer of 2013, Twin Set pleased his fans and other fashionistas with a new collection. Clothes and shoes Twin Set is made in pastel shades, with some intense accents. Each thing fits perfectly with the others, so it's easy to make out a wardrobe and images for the hot days of the spring-summer season. The Twin Set dresses combine thoughtful styles, modern design and a small amount of eccentricity, which helps create unique images. The new line has decorations with unusual appliqu├ęs and handmade embroideries, soft and pleasant colors, while using amazing methods of processing materials. This decoration turns all the clothes and swimwear of the Twin Set into stunning masterpieces. The products created are also distinguished by their elegant and elegant appearance, as well as incredible comfort and practicality.

Another youth line is Twin Set Jeans, which is created by craftsmen for making knitted and stylish clothes. This line from the Italian brand is simply fascinating with its charm and simplicity of things created for daily wear. Despite the name, in this collection of Twin Set Jeans you can find not only jeans, but also T-shirts, jumpers, cardigans and dresses, that is all that may be needed to create harmonious images and a full-fledged wardrobe. The main style of the brand collection is a little ironic, which is what attracts it, unlike too strict and serious clothes. At any time, such clothes are associated with a warm summer or spring, with a carefree youth and great female happiness .