Snowflake from threads

So it's time to decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the house for the holiday. We take out balls and snowflakes, but how nice to hang a toy that you made with your own hands, and if you helped make it a child, then this toy will be the most beloved for all members of the family. In winter, snowflakes do not happen much, so today I will tell you step by step how to make a snowflake of threads for the New Year with my own hands.

Snowflake from threads for knitting by hands - a master class

For work it is necessary:


  1. Cardboard fold in half and draw two circles, large and small.
  2. The distance between the two circles is multiplied by two, this will be the diameter of the snowflake.
  3. We cut out the circles.
  4. If the glomerulus with threads is larger than the inner diameter of the circle, then add two cut circles together and on one side cut out a small strip (through this strip we will start the thread inside the circle).
  5. The whole circle is wrapped in white threads.
  6. Scissors are inserted between two circles and the edge of the thread is carefully cut.
  7. Between the two circles we thread a white thread and tighten the threads.
  8. The blue thread is wound on the fingers and in the middle it is tied with a tight thread, the edges are cut off and a ball is formed. Pass the blue ball in the middle of the snowflake and fasten it from the wrong side.
  9. We'll make one strand near the snowflake and tie it around the edge with a blue thread.
  10. You can immediately divide all the threads into ten equal parts and fasten them all at the edge with blue threads.
  11. Glue the eyes or sew black beads (buttons).
  12. We embroider a smile.

A snowflake is made very easily and therefore they can be made in a short time a large amount on one piece of cardboard. Instead of a blue ball in the middle, you can sew a bead. To speed up the process, each strand can be tied with elastic bands, cut from a balloon. You can tie strands in several rows in a checkerboard pattern. We include fantasy and make a lot of snowflakes that are not similar to each other.