Photoshoot Halloween

A photo shoot on the theme of Halloween is an excellent option for shooting both loving couples, and for girls who want to display the mystical mood of the holiday through beautiful and vivid photos. In addition, such a photo session will be of interest to parents, who will be especially interested in taking advantage of the opportunity to capture their children in bright, thematic photographs. To date, there are a lot of interesting ideas for a Halloween photo shoot. Consider some of them together with you.

Ideas for a Halloween photo shoot

Halloween has long been a popular holiday not only in English-speaking countries, but throughout Europe. On this day, people dress in bright carnival costumes, mostly in costumes of evil spirits or supernatural characters. If you want on the eve of the holiday or just hold a thematic photo shoot, you can not do without a special props and a festive costume.

Choosing a festive costume for Halloween, it will be best to stop on traditional dresses of fairy tale heroines. For example, the images of Snow White, Cinderella, witch are quite original for both adult and children's Halloween photo shoots. Also no less popular today is the Kitty costume. Otherwise, pick up the male images. For example, the suit of Freddy Krueger or a policeman will look very bright and original.

Places for the series Halloween

Place for a photo shoot in the style of Halloween largely depends on the time of year. If you decided to take a photo shoot on the eve of the holiday, and in the yard there is still a warm autumn - safely go to the city park. Photographs on nature will turn out to be quite bright and spectacular, and most importantly - "alive." Here it is important not to forget about important attributes for the Halloween photo shoot. These can be brooms, bowlers, artificial skulls, candles, pumpkins. Do not forget about artificial false teeth, horns and similar attributes. A special originality will add the use of wigs.

A great place for thematic photography is also the studio. A clear advantage in this case is the availability of professional equipment. Photoshoot in the studio will give you a lot of advantages. First, unlike a simple shooting on the street, studio photography will not directly depend on the weather. Secondly, not everyone can calmly relax and feel confident surrounded by other people on the street. In addition, a photo session in the studio is also the best option for the photographer himself. After all, here he can fully control the lighting, as well as pick up the most comfortable angles and poses for the Halloween photo shoot.

The image and make-up in the style of Halloween

Regardless of where you decided to shoot: in the studio or on the street, in any case it is better to use the services of a professional stylist and makeup artist, if you really want to get a full and appropriate image to your expectations. In addition, a clear advantage is the fact that an experienced stylist will help create the most original and sophisticated image.

Theme of the holiday of Halloween allows you to choose for the photo session a bright and even somewhat intimidating make-up. It will be actual to use shadows in dark colors (gray, black, burgundy). If possible, you can use theatrical make-up, which will add an image of a special piquancy. On the lips, as a rule, apply lipstick red or maroon. A good example is the make-up in the Gothic style .