Pancake pan - which one is better to choose?

Pancakes are a popular dish in many countries and for their frying it is necessary to have a good frying pan. Today, many manufacturers offer a wide range of such devices. Pancake pan can be made from different materials and each has its own pros and cons.

Which pancake pan is best to choose?

There are several recommendations that should be considered when choosing a good frying pan for cooking ruddy pancakes:

  1. Pay attention to the height of the sides, so the maximum size is 1 cm. Thanks to this restriction, turning pancakes will be much easier. Some designer products have sides from 2 to 10 mm.
  2. The diameter of the frying pan for pancakes ranges from 15 to 25 cm. The choice should be made solely from one's own preferences.
  3. It is recommended to pay attention to the length of the handle that are relevant to safety. The more it is, the less likely it is to burn yourself. It is convenient if the handle has a silicone coating.

Cast-iron frying pan

The traditional device for frying pancakes is a cast-iron frying pan , which has been popular for more than a decade. Among others, it stands out for its long service life. In order to understand which pan is better for pancakes, it is worth pointing out other advantages of the cast iron version, so the presented metal has a low chemical inertness, that is, it practically does not affect the products used during cooking. In addition, the surface is evenly heated and retains heat for a long time.

Cast iron has a porous structure, so during cooking it accumulates oil, which improves non-stick properties. It is worth noting the stability of cast iron and the effects of acids, so during cooking and cleaning you can use lemon juice and vinegar. After using a pancake pan, you can not wash it to keep the oil coating. As for the shortcomings, there are only two of them: heavy weight and brittleness of cast iron.

Induction pancake pan

Instruments with an induction bottom are becoming popular, as they can be used on all types of plates, including on the newfangled induction technique. Heating occurs due to electromagnetic current. A pancake pan with an induction bottom quickly and evenly warms up. On many devices there are special indicators that change color when heated. It is worth noting that if the product is damaged, then the surface heating will be uneven.

Electric frying pan for pancakes

Such a device appeared relatively recently in stores, but many housewives were already able to assess its advantages. There are two types of pancake electric frying pan: flat and with grooves for small pancakes. In the first case, you can prepare pancakes of any size and shape, and in the second the dough will not spread and you can immediately bake a few small pancakes. Many models have non-stick coating and an automatic temperature controller.

It has an electric pancake pan and minuses, so a flat device requires skill, so that the excess dough does not overflow. In addition, washing this technique is not easy. As for the pancake holder with grooves, it is a large, so it is not suitable for small kitchens. For many, the fact that pancakes in a frying pan have a diameter of not more than 15 cm is a disadvantage for many. When choosing a device, consider the power, size, the presence of a thermostat and accessories.

Immersion frying pan for pancakes

Another version of the electric pancake, which looks like a normal frying pan, but only with a convex bottom. In the set there is a special bowl, where the dough is poured. The appliance included in the network is warmed up and when the indicator goes out, the pancake dipper is dipped into the dough for several seconds. After that, turn it over and hold the pancake for 1-2 minutes, and then take it off.

Electrical appliances depend on the electrical system and are more expensive than conventional appliances. Among the advantages can be noted fast heating, prostate in use, the presence of non-stick coating, compact size, the ability to prepare thin and well-baked pancakes. It is important to first learn how to use such a pancake pan to lower the whole surface of the device into the dough.

Frying pan for pancakes with non-stick coating

This is the most common option for cooking pancakes. Among the advantages can be highlighted ease of frying pan, but it has a thick bottom, which will ensure a uniform baking. Due to the presence of non-stick coating, baking is easy to remove and you can even not lubricate the surface with grease. Pancake pan with non-stick coating has the disadvantages: deformation of the surface with rapid heating, the appearance of cracks in case of overheating and the possibility of using only wooden or silicone blades to turn over and remove pancakes.

Pancake pan with ceramic coating

It is believed that the product with such a coating is environmentally friendly. In addition, it withstands high temperatures and is resistant to scratches. Even if you fry a pancake, turning it into a "coal", then on the integrity of the coating it does not affect. The ceramic pancake pan has drawbacks, so, it is not durable and is afraid of temperature changes, which are observed when pouring cold dough on a hot surface. Do not wash such a product in a dishwasher, as ceramics do not tolerate an alkaline environment.

Pancake marble frying pan

One of the analogs of the ceramic coating is the marble version. It is made of granite and marble. To determine which is better to buy a pancake pan, it is worth noting that the presented version is made of cast aluminum, has a thick bottom and a special coating that withstands scratches. Advantages include resistance to high temperatures and elimination of burning. When frying pancakes, you can not use oil. The disadvantages include high cost.

Pancake frying pan with removable handle

Find a similar device is not easy, because for the preparation of pancakes you need a pen, and a long one. Thanks to this, you can easily turn pancakes, and professionals can even toss them. Finding out what kind of pancake pan is the best, experts recommend giving preference to monolithic options, since a removable handle can break. The removable handle is convenient for cooking in the oven and for compact storage.

Pancake pan - rating

Many manufacturers offer products for making ruddy pancakes. To purchase did not disappoint, it is recommended to take into account the ratings of producers. For those who are interested in what kind of pancake frying pan is best, imagine a few popular options.

  1. Frying pan pancake «Nadoba». Products of this brand are of high quality and you can cook on them without oil, not being afraid that the dough will burn. The silicone handle provides convenience in use.
  2. Pancake pan "Vari". A well-known Russian manufacturer produces products using innovative materials. Quality of frying pans meets European standards.
  3. Frying pan pancake «Kukmara». The manufacturer from Tatarstan manufactures aluminum products. Pancake pan has a thickened bottom, which causes uniform heating. It is worth noting the high quality of products.
  4. Pan pancake «Frybest». This manufacturer has products with ecological ceramic coating Evergreen. Handles at the frying pan are long and have a silicone coating, which provides convenience in use.
  5. Pancake pan "Tefal". One of the most popular manufacturers from France, who offered products with non-stick coating. Frying pans are distinguished by high quality, are made of different materials and have an indicator indicating heating.

Caring for a pancake pan

After the cooking is completed, you must wait until the surface is completely cool. Frying pan for pancakes can be washed with any liquid detergent with a soft sponge. If a cast-iron frying pan is used, it is not recommended to wash it at all, in order not to remove the formed oil coating. To prepare a frying pan, it is recommended to put a little oil and a spoonful of coarse salt in it. Cure the mixture on fire, and then, remove it with a soft cloth. After this procedure, you can not be afraid that "the first pancake will be a lump."