How to choose a thermos and what you need to know when buying?

For storing hot and cold liquids or products, thermal insulating utensils have been used for several decades. There are several rules regarding how to choose a thermos, and thanks to them it will be easy to choose a quality product that will last for many years.

How to choose a good thermos?

First you need to consider the main types of thermoses, which differ in appearance and design.

  1. Type "Bullet" (bullet). The product can be made of different materials. For those who are looking for what thermos to choose for travel, it is recommended to stop on this type, because it is distinguished by its compactness. The lid of such a product can be used as a glass. In the thermos you can pour not only liquids, but also soups, and other products, since it is possible to remove the lid.
  2. The universal type. These thermoses have a wide throat, so it can store liquids and other products. To ensure good sealing, a double plug is used. The lid can be used as a cup. If you open the thermos, the contents will cool down quickly.
  3. Type with lid-pomp. If you need to choose a thermos for liquids, then this is an excellent option, because thanks to a special pump it is very easy to pour a drink by pressing a button. Basically, such products are large in size and difficult to transport. Thanks to the unusual design, it is possible to store the temperature of the liquid for a long time.

How to choose a thermos for tea?

Most containers can be used for making tea, but in addition to the main selection criteria, there are other nuances that are worth considering. If you are interested in how to choose a good thermos for tea, then the following additions will be useful:

  1. Some models have a special nozzle on the plug, intended for welding. Thanks to this you can not worry that the tea leaves will get into the drink and will clog the device. The nozzle for welding facilitates the process of care for the thermos.
  2. A useful addition for tea lovers will be a special department for storing tea bags and sugar.

How to choose a thermos for food?

Containers designed for food storage, will be useful at work, on the road and hikes. When purchasing suitable containers, attention should be paid to the inside of the product so that no foreign smells are present. Determining how to choose a quality thermos, it is worth pointing out the importance of checking the handle, which should be strong and comfortable. Choose options with the presence of additional elements, for example, with cutlery and a thermo-bag. There are two types of thermoses for eating:

  1. Models with a single bulb are classics. Due to the wide throat, it is convenient to use to bookmark and extract food.
  2. Models with containers are designed for simultaneous storage of several dishes. An important plus - the capacity can be used for the subsequent heating of food in the microwave.

Thermos mug - how to choose?

A wide range of products is presented, which differ in their design. Describing which thermos is best to choose, it is worth pointing to the significant advantages of having double walls with a vacuum space between them or a heat-insulating gasket. In addition, some models have a polymer coating, similar to rubberized plastic. Due to this, the liquid will keep the heat for at least 3-4 hours. The instruction on how to choose a thermos is indicated by the need to pay attention to the design of the cover.

  1. A cover with an opening that is closed by a sliding panel is easy to use, but does not always provide sufficient tightness.
  2. Reliable is the latch with a latch, which has a hook for hooking the edge of the mug.
  3. A useful addition on the lid is the presence of a rubber sealant, which provides increased tightness.

Which thermos is better?

There are several important details that you should pay attention to when choosing a high-quality capacity for keeping the temperature. For example, a pen that can be folding is useful. Understanding how to choose the thermos, we will pay attention and coverage. Some manufacturers for convenience offer models that on the surface have inserts of fabric and leather. Thanks to this, the capacity will not slip out of the hand and it will be more comfortable to keep in the cold. The strap attached to the body and the cover can be useful.

Stainless steel thermos

The most common devices have a body made of stainless steel. It is durable and well tolerates beats. This is ideal for travel. You can buy thermoses of different colors. Do not worry that the surface of the tank will heat up, as manufacturers use different tricks to exclude such trouble. It is worth knowing how to choose a stainless steel thermos, so pay attention that the surface is flat and without any damage, check the weight of the product and make sure it is smelled inside.

Glass thermos

Containers made of durable glass, look very nice, but they are not designed for long journeys, because the material can be damaged as a result of the impact. A glass thermos for tea is best used at home or in the office, where it will perfectly perform its immediate functions, that is, keep the temperature for a long time.

Which bulb is better to buy a thermos bottle?

Modern models are made with two kinds of flasks and each version has its advantages and disadvantages. Variants made of plastic will not be considered, because they are of poor quality, do not keep heat, absorb odors and are not environmentally friendly. To understand which thermoses are the best, you should understand which characteristics are primary and which are not.

  1. Stainless steel. Stainless steel flasks are distinguished by a high level of strength, and they keep the temperature well inside. In addition, this material does not absorb odors and is durable. As for the shortcomings, the price for such a thermos is high and they can not be washed with abrasive agents, since corrosion may start. It is also worth noting that stainless steel thermoses are heavy and the remainder of food and liquid is tightly adhering to the inside of the bulb.
  2. Glass. The advantages of glass flasks include the ability to keep heat for a long time, the environmental friendliness of the material and ease of care. To the disadvantages can be attributed the fragility of glass, so it can not be used for travel.

What volume of thermos should I choose?

To determine this parameter, it is necessary to consider how and where the thermos will be used and how many people should have enough fluids. There are some tips on how to choose a good thermos:

  1. Capacities of small size can be an excellent gift for drivers, athletes, sellers and so on. You can use them to enjoy tea or coffee for several hours.
  2. Products with a volume of 0.5-1.5 liters are ideal for lovers of traveling and trips to nature. A drink from a thermos bottle is enough for several people. For those who want to know which thermos to choose for storing food, then here also it is worthwhile to focus on the indicated values ​​of volume.
  3. The largest thermoses are designed for 2-3 liters and in most cases they are purchased for a house or cottage. Most models have a pump, and it should be noted that the containers can only be stored in an upright position.

Thermos - which firms are considered the best?

When choosing a good thermos, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer, because the brand can be judged on the quality of the product. If you are interested in what firm to choose a thermos , then pay attention to the following brands:

  1. « Tanonka». This is the most popular brand, produced ideal thermos for tourism. Studies have shown that even when falling from a high altitude, the integrity and tightness of the containers is maintained.
  2. Thermos. The products of this brand are better purchased for home or office. Most models use glass bulbs, which are ideal for making different infusions. The assortment is presented in different configurations and colors.
  3. «Stanley». Explaining how to choose a thermos that will last for more than one year, this company, which has been on the market for more than 100 years, can not be ignored. It has earned its popularity thanks to its ability to store temperature for a long time.