Weight loss training

Living in the era of hypodynamia, you can, without choosing, rejoice in any motor activity. If you do not have the time / desire / money for hiking in the fitness center, swimming pool , buying a bicycle, recording in sports sections, for weight loss you can use banal physical education. Believe me, even the school complexes for physical education will be perceived by your body as a life ring for a drowning man.

We were trying in vain to accustom ourselves to physical education and sports (or to wean it - it depends on how human and cute the physical education teacher was) in the school years. I remember then, we were looking for any opportunity to walk, get a certificate "for health reasons," and do everything possible to ensure that "satisfactory" was entered in the log with the marks. And the most terrible thing is to overstep the stick with acting and get into the group on health improving physical education.

And now we would not mind, but there is no time ...

If you still found 30 minutes of free time, spend the next set of physical education in the air - the effect will be many times higher.


  1. Legs are shoulder width apart, knees are half bent, arms hang relaxed. We make the step-by-step steps to the right and left, while moving to the left, we lift the right shoulder to the ear, while moving to the left - the left one. We perform everything at a dynamic pace, after ten repetitions we pass to the ascent of both shoulders at the same time.
  2. We spring on our legs, squat and unbend our knees, raise our right arm up above our head, put our left arm on our waist, then stretch our left arm over our head, the right hand on our waist. We perform 8 lifts, then continue to spring on the legs, and move the hands to the height of the chest - pull forward with the turn of the body then the left, then the right hand.
  3. Walking in place - restoring breathing. Actively tear off the legs from the floor, not forgetting the movement of the hands.
  4. Stepping step aside - start with the right foot, crouch, pull the left leg to the right. Then take a step to the side with the left foot, crouch, pull up the right leg. At the bend of the knees we raise our hands on both sides, on the straightening - hands together in front of the body. We do 8 times, then accelerate and perform 8 more times.
  5. Steps remain, we add hands - on the move to the side, hands raised to the level of the shoulders, are divorced, on the joint of the legs - hands are bent together in front of the chest.
  6. Restore breathing - steps in place, raise hands - inhale, lower - exhale.
  7. Legs on the width of the shoulders - we transfer the weight of the body to the left leg (the left leg is bent, the right leg is stretched), we distribute the body weight evenly (both legs bend), the weight of the body on the right leg (right bends, the left stretches), at the expense of four - straighten the legs.
  8. We stretch to the sides - a slope to the left, the right arm above the head, the left hand is pressed to the body, the legs are straightened, we leave to the center - the legs are straight, the arms are divorced to the sides, the inclination to the right is the left arm above the head, the right is pressed to the body. Then do the slopes forward, alternating them with the exit to the IP, and the slopes to the right and left.