How to wash fuel oil from a jacket?

Spots of fuel oil - a very unpleasant thing, especially on your favorite clothes. There are such spots sometimes accidentally when you leave the bus or minibus, when you contact your own car. More often struggling with stains of the woman - search for the information, than to wash off black oil from hands or as to wash off black oil stain from clothes.

An expensive favorite thing to carry is dry cleaning. Let them spend money, but keep your health and time. After all, it's not a fact that trying to get a stain out at home will succeed. Although you can try. There are many ways how to wash clothes off stains from fuel oil.

Means for removing stains

Spot removal depends on its freshness in the first place. And also on the quality and color of the fabric.

There is information that wool and silk are afraid of contact with alkali, and cotton and flax with acids. Fabrics such as bologna, acetate silk and other artificial fabrics are afraid of acetic acid. This should be taken into account when removing fuel oil stains.

On a discreet piece of clothing, try the remedy that you are going to take out the fuel oil. Work necessarily in good light.

If you use solvents, it is desirable to remove the stain from the wrong side. It is recommended around the stain to wet clothes, this will protect the fabric from the formation of halos. Put a piece of light cloth or cotton wool under the stain and remove the stain from the edges to the center.

After removing stains, wash clothes with detergent, designed to remove stubborn stains. And when rinsing, use the air conditioner.

Washing machine for washing is best not to use if the stain is taken out with gasoline.

Methods for removing residual oil spots

Wonderful feedback on the use of the "Fairy" dishwashing detergent. For 10 or 15 minutes, apply the product to the stain. Then they wash clothes.

Quite good reviews are purchased in auto shops for cleaning car interiors. Some use refined gasoline for refueling lighters. After removing the stain, the thing is soaked in a solution of the same "Fairy", then it is washed.

Caustic soda is diluted in an amount of 200 grams per 10 liters of water and in this solution soak clothes, soap solution is removed stain. You can also try to remove the stain with soap.

A great popularity is enjoyed by ethereal eucalyptus and fir oils. We clean the clothes from the fuel oil with a cotton swab using one of the oils. After cleaning, you should wash.

The work clothes are very dirty in mazut. It is recommended to soak it in good quality gasoline for 2 or 3 hours and then wash it. Use caution with acetone. Also, spots are taken out with white spirits, dechtyarnym soap, turpentine.

Another way to wash fuel oil. Try to put on the stain diluted in 1 liter of water 0.5 teaspoon detergent and 3 tablespoons of ammonia and vinegar. When the stain is removed, wash clothes.