How to wash jeans and not spoil their appearance - tips and rules

For a long time the past times have already become, when jeans fabric was used only for making work clothes. Today, all ages and social groups are submissive to the denim - both young beauties and respectable gentlemen can boast of having several pairs in the wardrobe. But at the same time not everyone knows how to properly wash jeans.

Do I need to wash new jeans after purchase?

A durable and reliable denim fabric has its own staining features. For example, at first some new jeans can paint adjacent parts of the body, giving away excess paint. This moulting phenomenon is absolutely normal and does not indicate a low quality of the purchased product. Avoid the effect of "blue legs" will help the first wash of jeans, produced immediately after the acquisition. To fix the dye on the fabric, it is recommended to add a little (3-4 tablespoons) of usual table vinegar to the rinse water.

Proper washing of jeans

Denim clothing is famous for its durability and ability to acquire a special charm over time - it does not make any worse small scuffs on the fabric and uneven coloring. In this case, it is not difficult to spoil jeans: incorrectly chosen water temperature or aggressive detergent can turn into expensive in all respects a thing in a faded rag. To avoid this it is important to understand how to properly wash jeans: without bleach, in a delicate (manual) mode, zipping all the zippers and turning them to the wrong side.

At what temperature should I wash my jeans?

Denim fabric is made of cotton fibers, which have the ability to stretch in the process of wearing and twist back under the influence of hot water. Therefore, regardless of the presence or absence of synthetic impurities in the fabric, any jeans lose shape over time, and then restore it after washing. The washing temperature of jeans directly affects the degree of shrinkage - the hotter the water, the more the fibers will shrink.

It is important to know how to wash jeans so that one day does not become a pantyhose owner several sizes smaller than necessary:

  1. To wash any jeans products, the water temperature should be in the range of 30-40 ° C. In colder water, pollution will be worse, and after water procedures in boiling water, strong shrinkage is possible.
  2. During all stages of water procedures (soaking, washing, rinsing), the water temperature should be approximately the same.

In what water to wash jeans?

To understand how to erase new jeans will help the badges printed on the inner tag of the product. Deciphering them you can find out at what temperature it is better to wash out a new thing (in most cases 30-40 ° C), whether it is possible to use a washing machine for this purpose or it is worth giving preference to a manual method. Dry cleaning of most jeans is contraindicated because it can lead to discoloration and the appearance of streaks on them. To give in a dry-cleaner only things with a lot of decorative ornaments (rhinestones, appliqués, slits) make sense.

How to wash jeans so that they do not shed?

With each wash, a portion of the dye from the denim is washed out. This is an inevitable process, to which products of all manufacturers from any price category are exposed. We will understand more in detail, than to erase jeans that did not lose color:

  1. Detergents should not contain chlorine and other bleaching agents. It is best to use special gels and powders for colored (black) things. For hand washing, shavings of ordinary laundry soap are suitable.
  2. During soaking and rinsing, a small amount of vinegar and / or table salt may be added to the water. This will help fix the dye in the fibers of the fabric and reduce its washing out.

Do I have to turn out my jeans when washing?

Let's consider in detail why to turn out jeans at washing. This recommendation is due to the following features of jeans products: a double method of dyeing fabric fibers, the presence of a variety of metallic decorative elements (rivets, zippers, etc.) and the ability to shrink under the influence of water. Washing in the turned inside out and buttoned state helps to reduce washing out of paint, protects from uneven deformation of a fabric and keeps working capacity of lightnings.

With what you can wash your jeans?

Since washing jeans in a washing machine is much easier and faster than manually, this method has found the most common. But it's not always reasonable to run a car for a couple, even if it's the most favorite trousers. What else can you add to the company? The best companion for them will be similar in composition things of the same color scheme. So, when washing light blue denim items in a typewriter, you can throw a few light cotton t-shirts. Black jeans can be washed with socks or dark underwear. The main thing is to choose the correct mode and not to overload the drum machine.

How to wash jeans in a washing machine?

Proper washing of jeans in a washing machine not only does not do them harm, but also helps to save time. The following points should be considered:

  1. Jeans made of fine fabric, with decorative elements and unstable color, can be washed only in a delicate washing mode and in a special laundry bag.
  2. Before washing, you must carefully check all pockets for debris, and then turn the thing over to the underside and fasten all the fasteners.
  3. The maximum number of revolutions for pressing jeans is 800 rpm.

The washing mode of the jeans in the washing machine

To fans of jeans clothes when choosing a washing machine it makes sense to make sure that it had a special program for washing jeans. But if it's not provided, it's not a problem, because you can wash jeans in any washing machine:

  1. In models with the possibility of adjusting individual parameters it is necessary to set the water heating temperature 30-40 ° C, the washing time is not more than 40 minutes and the spinning with 400-600 turns.
  2. In machines where all wash parameters are assigned to specific programs, jeans can be washed in delicate or manual washing modes, as well as on a wash program for wool.

Do jeans sit after washing?

The ability of the fibers of the denim to shrink under the influence of water plays into the hands of those who made a mistake with the size or somewhat lost weight. There are several ways to reduce jeans when washing:

  1. Wash them in very hot water (90 ° C). This method can be used for both manual and machine wash. But it should be borne in mind that boiling water has a destructive effect on the fibers of the tissue and the more often they are exposed to such hot "baths", the faster they will become unusable.
  2. Several times alternately dip them into very hot and cold water. This method is useful for reducing models, which are contraindicated in machine wash.
  3. Immediately after washing, hang it around the source of hot air (for example, on a battery) or dry with an iron.

How to wash jeans by hand?

Denim pants left the category of simple comfortable clothes. Designers decorate their offspring with rhinestones, sequins, manual or machine embroidery. The possessor of such pants is nothing else but how to properly wash jeans by hand:

  1. Preparation. Before water procedures, pockets should be checked for small debris, zips up and unscrewed on the wrong side. Soak and wash optimally in a straightened form, so it is better to pour the water directly into the tub, and not into the basin. For rubbing the dirt you will need a medium hardness brush
  2. Soak. If there are strong contaminants before washing jeans, they can be soaked in warm water. The maximum time for this procedure does not exceed 30-40 minutes, otherwise there may be divorces from metal parts. To rivets and lightnings have not lost their shine, soak it better to produce in a solution of laundry soap.
  3. Wash. After soaping the brush with laundry soap, gently treat it with the whole surface of the trousers, moving along the arrangement of the fibers. A similar method of how to wash jeans with a brush will help to gently remove particles of dirt, without damaging the structure of the fabric.
  4. Rinsing. Jetting from the shower rinses the soap off the fabric, repeating the procedure several times until it is completely removed. We collect a small amount of water in the bath, add a couple of tablespoons of vinegar and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then do not unscrew the hanging over the bathroom to make the glass water.

Means for washing jeans

And the quality of washing, and the life of your favorite trousers depends to the same extent on which powder to wash jeans. Choosing a detergent for manual or machine washing is better to give preference to products without bleaching and stain removing components. Ideal - special gels for washing jeans, but they usually cost a little more than other products. If this is not at hand, then you can use any gel for washing colored products or ordinary household soap.