Motivation for losing weight

Motivation for losing weight - this is the most important thing with which to start. If you do not have strong internal motivation , then you will never go from theory to practice, and if you do, you will soon abandon everything. Motivation is the most compelling reason that will not allow you to abandon your plan.

The best motivation for losing weight

The most effective and right motivation for losing weight is the motivation that you will make for yourself. First of all, write down on a large sheet all the reasons why you urgently need to lose weight, and start right now. You can supplement the list with those advantages that will give you weight loss. Your verbal motivation for losing weight can include the following items:

  1. I want to lose weight by such and such a date. Normal weight loss for a person is 4-5 kg ​​per month plus two weeks for a change in metabolism, which means that I will just be in time for the scheduled time.
  2. I can no longer tolerate the ridicule and pity of others.
  3. I really will be more pleased to see myself slim and beautiful, rather than just have everything in a row.
  4. When I lose weight, I will be proud of myself and my willpower.
  5. I want to become more beautiful right now.
  6. If I do not go to proper nutrition now , then it will be even more difficult.
  7. I can choose any things for myself, and they all will sit on me well - even tight-fitting!
  8. No one else can ever call me complete. I will not hear the word "redundant".
  9. I will become light and beautiful, and from the realization of this everything will improve in my life!
  10. I will never feel shy of my body again.

It is important to work with this list, and write out all the advantages of a new, smaller weight in it. The bigger, the better. To begin with, you need to write out at least 20 positions. This list should be beautifully and brightly decorated and hung directly on the refrigerator, so that it always looks at you when you plan to have a snack. Reread it more often - it will not let you eat sweet, fatty and harmful!

Hard motivation for losing weight

For many girls there is not enough positive motivation, they need something more serious. Often they seek to decorate their refrigerator with various evil little phrases that really discourage the appetite:

  1. Stop eating, and then you will remain fat!
  2. Food is evil!
  3. The appetite flared up - look at cellulite!
  4. Before you eat, pinch yourself for fat!
  5. For fatty - only apples and yogurt!

Strangely enough, such pejorative phrases often give even more vivid effect. However, if this is too rough for you, you can stop on the first option - positive motivation.

Strong psychological motivation for losing weight

The main thing for you - with a head to plunge into the thought of losing weight, be aware of how this is done and for what it is specifically for you. If you know a lot about how to lose weight, you just can not resist the temptation to start trying it all in practice. Take into account that the advice of friends and acquaintances does not count. First of all, try to find suitable literature on the Internet or a bookstore. Understand the mechanism of losing weight, choose for yourself the optimal system, add sport. To go to the end, it is important to know exactly what is possible.

In gaining confidence due to the fact that your work is not in vain, you can help the Internet and social networks. You will easily find communities for slimming and in them, in open access there are "before and after" photo albums, where ordinary people, like you, publish their photos in large and then in a small weight. As a rule, they are more likely to share their secrets in the comments below. Be sure to join such communities and periodically browse photos of people who have overweight. After all, if they could, you and you can, right?