Vumbilding - what is it and how are they doing it right?

Become more self-confident, get rid of and prevent the emergence of "female" problems, and still get new sensations in sex will help vumbilding. It includes exercises that promote the development of intimate muscles, and they are allowed to perform at home.

What is vumbuilding and how are they doing?

A set of exercises to strengthen the vaginal muscles, called vumbildingom. This trend appeared in ancient times, and geishas actively developed and dealt with them, which cognized the sacraments of love. As for the term, "VUM" stands for vaginally-controlled muscles. There is a definite list of why vumbuilding exercises for women are useful:

  1. For pleasure . Carefully elaborated intimate muscles help to strengthen and diversify the sensations during sex. Besides, a woman will be able to deliver incredible sensations to a man.
  2. For health . Regular training improves blood circulation, normalizes the level of hormones and positively affects the microflora.
  3. For easy delivery . Thanks to the well-developed vaginal muscles, it is possible to give birth to a child faster and without serious problems.
  4. For a beautiful figure . It is difficult to imagine that exercises vumbildinga involve the muscles of the buttocks, hips and abdomen.

The technique of vumbuilding

Before the start of training, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules and features of this area. Training vumbildingom can take place at home, but there are special courses for beginners. The basic rules of training: breathing should be smooth, and it is recommended to strain and relax muscles slowly. Begin to train with the most simple exercises and periodically complicate them. The duration of the first classes is 20-30 minutes, but gradually the time should be brought to 45 minutes.

Vumbilding - Exercises

Experts recommend that you prepare before you do the exercises. While training vumbilding at home, remember that first you should develop the ability to draw the anus without involving the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks to exclude excessive intra-abdominal pressure. After this, it is important to learn how to fix your own sensations in the brain during training. First, choose simple but effective vumbuilding exercises at home for training:

  1. Begin with respiration. Sit on your back, relax and start breathing, but only with your stomach. After that, repeat too, but already standing. It is worth noting that during this unaccustomed to the head may become dizzy and it is considered the norm.
  2. The main exercise in vumbildinge involves tension and relaxation of the muscles of the vagina.
  3. Alternately, concentrate attention on the clitoris, which should be drawn in and released, then on the anus, repeating the same actions. This exercise is called "blinking".
  4. Sit on your back, relax and press your feet to the floor. Keep your hands at the seams, and your feet - at the width of your shoulders, bending them in your lap. Pull the pelvis off the floor, and then lower it. To complicate the exercise, when lifting, you should compress the sphincter and the vagina, and relax while lowering the pelvis.
  5. Stand, place your feet at shoulder level. Clamp and relax the pelvic muscles, moving up and inward. After that, lay down on the floor, the emphasis on your knees, and put your head on the folded hands that rest against the floor with your elbows. Do the same movements as you did standing.

Vumbuilding simulator

There are different types of simulators that can be used to enhance results.

  1. Laser . Use this trainer can people who are sure that they correctly perform the exercises. Practicing vumbilding at home, with the help of this simulator you can monitor the effectiveness of the exercises, thanks to a laser pointer.
  2. Pneumatic . This simulator examines the upper vagina due to the increase in intra-abdominal pressure. Use it is recommended only under the supervision of a specialist. Modern models have sensors and a portable screen to track the results.

Balls for vumbuilding

You can find such a simulator in an intimate goods store or order it on the Internet. There are different balls, different in weight and diameter, and it is clear that you need to start with a minimum. Before using them, you must always apply lubricant. Exercise vumbildinga with balls is done like this:

  1. It is necessary to stand and alternately dip the balls in the vagina. The cord should stay outside.
  2. Accept the pose of the rider, placing his feet on the width of the shoulders, unfolding the feet inside, and keeping the knees in a semi-bent position. The back should be straight.
  3. The task is to strain and relax the muscles. It is important that the balls do not fall out. Duration - several minutes.

Vumbilding with cargoes

An excellent load for training - jade eggs, which were used by geisha in ancient times. The advantage of this material is complete naturalness. The results for vumbildingu thanks to the use of cargo will be better, but only such exercises need to be done with preparation. Start with the use of a large egg and only after a time when the muscles are prepared, you can reduce the diameter. The load can simply be inserted into the vagina, lubricated with an antiseptic , and worn throughout the day, or perform the exercises presented above.

Vumbilding and orgasm

Many women use exercise to improve their feelings during sex and give the partner pleasure. This is explained by the fact that trained muscles better perceive movements occurring within the vagina, and erogenous zones will be more susceptible. Vumbilding training of intimate muscles, according to reviews of practicing women, helps to feel orgasm with every sexual encounter and even more than once. In addition, you can control the sensations and sensuality of the partner.

Vumbilding during pregnancy

As a preparation for the birth of a child, many women are engaged, performing and exercises for the vaginal muscles. It is important to do everything carefully and train only with the permission of the doctor, and if the risk of problems is excluded. Vumbilding for pregnant women improves blood circulation in the pelvic area, reduces the risk of hemorrhoids and increases the elasticity of the birth canal. It is recommended to do exercises accurately and half-heartedly, since an increase in intra-abdominal pressure is unacceptable. Simulators of vumbilding can not be used by pregnant women.

Vumbilding after childbirth

Many doctors recommend that women, as a restorative program, conduct training to develop intimate muscles. An exception is the situation with serious complications after childbirth. The benefit of vumbudging is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that have been stretched, and the press, to return the size of the vagina, and to improve the functioning of the intestine and bladder. In addition, training in the postpartum period will accelerate the process of restoring the tissues at ruptures, and all thanks to the inflow of blood to the pelvic organs.

Vumbilding - contraindications

I am glad that such training has a minimum of contraindications, but they do exist. You can not deal with the presence of diseases of the genitourinary system in the acute stage and inflammations accompanied by fever. Occupations vumbildingom contraindicated in pregnant women in later periods, with myomas , cysts and in the period after surgery and serious diseases.

Books on vumbudgingu

If you are interested in this topic, then experts recommend paying attention to the following books:

  1. " Intimate gymnastics for women " E. Smirnova. The author is a doctor who is a specialist in intimate gymnastics. The book describes the technique of vumbudging with pictures for a better understanding of the exercises.
  2. "The Art of Controlling Intimate Muscles " by E. Frolova. The author tells about the history of the development of intimate practices, describes secret exercises and gives useful advice.
  3. " Intimate muscles. Vumbilding ยป Muranivsky. The author is a scientist who first developed the theory of strengthening the intimate muscles of women. Muranivsky presented a whole series of books on this topic.
  4. " The Vagiton System " Yu. Kornev. In this book, an accessible language is described about the anatomy and physiology of a woman. From the pages you can find out what vumbuilding is, how to correctly do exercises and apply simulators .