Home Fitness

The most real and affordable means for losing weight are training at home. The popularity of home fitness began, perhaps, with video cassettes with famous models offering us to perform their "everyday routine" together, on the other side of the screen.

Today, fitness exercises at home have acquired a completely different form, semi-professional. Every second woman is a fitness specialist, having tried everything from martial arts to ballroom dancing. This fanaticism inclines our thoughts to the fact that, perhaps, fitness at home will never lose its relevance, at least until women seek to look at 100 (not years, and millions).


We offer you to perform home fitness exercises to improve the shape of the hips and legs.

  1. Legs shoulder width apart, knees relaxed, half-bent, stomach tightened, shoulders straightened. Do half-squats, as if you sit on a chair, but not until the end. During squats we take our hands forward for better balancing. We do 16 times.
  2. Inhale and exhale.
  3. Leave the left foot back, the right leg is bent, the left straight. We rise up on the toes, turn the hips forward and do squats, tearing the heel of the back leg. Now straighten up, squat on the back foot - straighten the front leg, bend the back. Stretch the back of the thigh. We connect the legs together, hands rest on the hips, rounding the back we return to the position on the straight legs.
  4. Now we change our legs and perform the previous exercise on the other side.
  5. IP - legs together, we divert the right foot aside, we squat, we return to the FE. We divert the left leg to the side, squat, return to the FE. We do 16 times.
  6. Do the same sit-ups, but stay in the squat while doing three small sit-ups. Since, home fitness can not do without weight loss exercises, you simply have to perform these pulsating sit-ups, which can not but burn all the fat on such problematic, feminine hips. We do 8 times.
  7. We carry the left leg forward, the second one next to, on the toe, bent. The right leg is taken back - the leg is straight, it is held on the toe. We return to the IP - the leg is half-bent. The belly is pulled up, hands in front of you. Repeat 8 times and change legs.
  8. Do the previous sit-ups just to the side.
  9. We make a set - 4 times we alternate double squats with the retraction of the leg back and to the side, eight times we do squats back and to the side one time.
  10. Shake your legs.
  11. The right leg is kept front bent, the left leg is retracted and straightened. We bend the left leg and descend, touching the knee of the floor. On the right leg we keep the body weight. We perform 8 times per leg.
  12. Complicating the task: while squatting we linger in the squat for three small sit-ups, then we rise, we lower our legs together and we return the leg back for squats.
  13. Now we do sit-ups with a step - we perform the previous exercise without small, pulsating squats, only with the connection of legs to the FE. For complication it is possible to take in hands dumbbells or to lift on an ascent the bent knee of a back leg.