Gelatin for hair

Unfortunately, poor ecology, unhealthy food and constant shortage of vitamins affect both health and appearance. Most of all, in this case, the hair suffers. They become dry and brittle, devoid of shine. Salon procedures and professional cosmetics, of course, can help in solving this problem, but they often do not have enough time or money. Therefore, in this article, let us consider the importance of ordinary gelatin for hair.

Gelatin for hair - benefit

This uncomplicated product contains a large amount of protein (vegetable or animal origin), B group vitamins and collagen.

The above ingredients are indispensable components for healthy hair, and their effect is manifested not only during external procedures, but also due to the intake of gelatin inside.

How does gelatin affect the hair?

Due to the high protein content, gelatin has a strengthening effect on the hair roots. Thus, the hair follicles do not collapse, and their life span becomes significantly longer. Therefore, the hair ceases to fall out, and the intensity of their growth increases.

Collagen is an indispensable substance for dry and dull hair. It fills the voids in the hair shaft and glues the scales, so that the hair looks healthy and shiny. It is worth noting that collagen is able to revitalize even heavily-seeded and dull tips.

B vitamins are especially useful for scalp. They increase local immunity by protecting against various diseases, such as, for example, dandruff and seborrhea. It is the poet in folk medicine who has long practiced hair treatment with gelatin. In addition, vitamin B protects the scalp from drying out, maintains a natural water and acid balance.

Is gelatin harmful to the hair?

There is no danger of this product if using procedures with it within reasonable limits. Naturally, daily gelatin masks do not be recommended, like any other. This is too strong a load on the hair, because of which they can weaken and fall out even more. Therefore, in all things it is necessary to observe the measure.

Gelatin for hair growth - masks

Mask for hair with gelatin for their growth:

Mask for hair with egg yolk and gelatin for growth and strengthening of hair:

Homemade hair gelatin - a recipe:

Wash your hair with gelatin

It is very easy to prepare a health improving hygiene product with this product. You just need to mix the liquid gelatin with your favorite shampoo and dilute it a little with boiled water.

Thanks to the regular use of gelatin, the hair becomes shiny and healthy after about 3 weeks.