Grinding face

To eliminate small wrinkles, pigment spots, as well as to smooth the complexion, a procedure such as peeling is used. It can easily be done at home. However, a greater effect allows you to achieve polishing the face, which is carried out in beauty salons. Specialists offer all new ways of purifying the epidermis, the principles and technologies of which cause a lot of questions.

Grinding face at home

This procedure can be implemented by using improvised means. Such methods can be considered the safest. But a positive result will not be visible immediately, but after some time of regular procedures.

The mechanical method implies the use as an abrasive:

These components are mixed with a creamy base in a proportion of one to one and applied to the skin with massaging movements, neatly not injuring the epidermis. Rinse with cool water.

The chemical method of resurfacing the face is based on the use of water and hydrogen peroxide (1: 1):

  1. After the composition is foamed, it is applied to the problem areas of the skin without rubbing.
  2. After twenty minutes, the mixture is ground on the skin and left for another ten minutes.
  3. Then rinse with cool water.

Diamond face polishing

This method refers to the abrasive action on the cells of the epidermis. It is used for all skin types, removes scars , wrinkles, coarsening and various thickening of superficial layers. Dead cells are cleaned with diamond grains and sucked into the filter.

The main stages of peeling:

  1. Removal of make-up, cleansing the face with special compounds.
  2. Skin softening.
  3. Grinding.
  4. Applying a mask.
  5. Lubricating the skin with cream.

Cleaning the face does not cause painful sensations because it does not require prior use of anesthetics. To achieve visible results, you need to take a course that includes 6 sessions, the intervals between which can range from seven to thirty days. Everything depends on the speed of regeneration of the skin.

Laser facial skin resurfacing

This method of peeling involves "evaporation" of the cornified skin cells under the action of a laser beam. As a result of thermal radiation after treatment, the growth of a new layer and the synthesis of collagen, which forms a healthy, elastic young skin, are activated. Since the whole process is under the control of a cosmetologist, the probability of burns is completely excluded. In addition, complications after it are minimal.

Laser grinding allows you to overcome scars on the face, as well as scars and stretch marks on the body. The best procedure is to cope with new scars formed during the last six months.

Consequences of laser face polishing

Immediately after peeling, the surface of the face turns red. But do not be scared, because this state disappears after a couple of days. It should be understood that the laser does not damage the cells, but simply destroys them, so you can not be afraid of peeling, which often occurs when using other methods. The recovery time depends on the from the depth and strength of the laser, the area exposed to irradiation, individual characteristics.

As a rule, painful sensations do not appear during the recovery period, and it is not necessary to observe the doctor after the procedure. It is necessary to follow such recommendations:

  1. Do not stay in the street for a long time, since the treated skin is sensitive to ultraviolet light, wind and cold.
  2. Wear sunglasses.
  3. Refuse to go to the bath and solarium.
  4. Do not use scrubs.
  5. Apply to the treated areas prescribed by a specialist ointments and creams.