The image of the day: Olivia Mann on a walk in Vancouver

37-year-old Olivia Mann demonstrated on the streets of Vancouver not only a sense of style, but also boasted a flat tummy in a playful ensemble.

Boom in work

American actress Olivia Mann, whom the audience will be able to see in June in the spin-off of "Ocean's Eleven", the film "Eight Ocean Girlfriends", is now disappearing on the set of the fantastic "Predator" tape, which is also due out this summer. After the mega-demanded actress will go on a set of a superhero picture "X-Men: Dark Phoenix".

Laconic outfit

Meanwhile, while playing the role of the scientist Casey Bracket in the Predator, Mann settled in Vancouver, Canada. Last Sunday, which was the weekend of the actress, she was seen on the streets of the metropolis. Paparazzi captured her when she was talking on the phone, standing near a Chinese restaurant.

Olivia Mann in Vancouver, Canada

It was simply impossible not to pay attention to Olivia in the crowd. For walking, the girl chose a bright bow, which was to her face, emphasizing all the virtues of her chiseled figure.

On the beauty was a mustard plush jacket, which she threw over an interesting beige short-cut sweatshirt with lacing and wide short sleeves, revealing a perfectly flat belly, and emerald green trousers with a high waist with white stripes and the same strip at the waist. Open golden sandals on his heel, a small beige handbag and dark glasses complemented the stylish image of Mann.

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Do you think Olive's bow is fashionable and harmonious?