Topiary of sisal balls - turn-based master class

Today I want to tell you how you can create a very bright and beautiful topiary from sisal balls, which will please not only you, but also will be a pleasant gift for any celebration and holiday. This is not difficult, but very exciting and interesting!

Topiary from sisal and fruit by own hands - master class

For the topiary of sisal with our own hands, we will need:


  1. Now I will tell you how to make a topiary from sisal balls. Let's start with the top of our tree. First, we'll figure out how to make balls from sisal for topiary. It's easy, take the sisal plucking pieces and form the balls in the palms, as if we are rolling a piece of plasticine or dough. Balls need to be made about the size of our apples, so that the ball is uniform. Do not forget to leave the sisal for potting in the pot.
  2. Now we need to glue ready-made sisal balls on our ball, while mixing them with apples and flowers. We glue a ball, somewhere near the apple, somewhere not far from the apple-flower, so on the whole ball. It is necessary to leave a little flowers and greens for our pot, to create a beautiful view there too! When there is not much room left, we turn the ball and look at how everything has settled down and decide where the top will be and where the bottom is. When they decided, we take scissors and pierce a hole for our trunk (coryllus).
  3. Now we need to squeeze the glue from the gun into the hole that we have prepared for our barrel, fill it almost completely, and insert the corillus there. Now we have a formed top and left the materials for the bottom.
  4. When the top is ready, we put it in a pot, for this we need a cast. If there are houses, any building materials, for example putty, glue for drywall, they can also be used for planting. Take our mixture, pour a small amount of water to get a thick gruel, the thicker you get - the faster it dries, the liquid dries longer.
  5. Now we shift our gruel into a pot, make sure that there are no voids. When they filled the pot, take our tree and plant it in the center, make sure that it grows evenly. For this, we can lean against the wall or fix it with anything, for example, bottles of water - this is so that it does not fall down and do not squint. We are waiting for the gypsum to dry.
  6. When the gypsum is dry, we begin to glue the "little things" on top of the tree, such trifles will be florets, green leaves, maybe beads. In our case, we added greens. Now we will decorate our pot. To do this, take the sisal, which was left initially and we will make grass. Drip the glue near the base of the tree, twist the sisal around, then glue with the same circular technique, to the gypsum.
  7. Now we make the finishing touches - we will stick an apple in the grass, maybe some insects, flowers, greens. The pot itself will be decorated with a bow of satin ribbon, also glued it to our glue from the gun.
  8. When everything is done, we remove the threads, the sisal that hangs. You can just clip all that is superfluous with scissors, maybe there's a pot in the pot somewhere.
  9. That's what we got!
  10. Such a topiary can very well fit into the interior of the cottage , kitchen, or recreation area ! It can become a wonderful gift to any holiday!