Blood during pregnancy

Many women during pregnancy, especially in the early stages, note the appearance of blood from the genital tract. Practically at all the given phenomenon causes a panic state from ignorance of that it is necessary to do in a similar situation. Let's take a closer look at this phenomenon, and try to find out: because of what and in what situations during pregnancy, the discharge of blood from the vagina can be noted.

What are the main causes of this symptomatology?

There are many factors that can provoke the appearance of blood during pregnancy. The most frequent of these are:

  1. Mechanical damage to the throat of the uterus. This disorder explains the appearance of blood during or after sex during pregnancy. So, often during sexual intercourse, the mucous membrane of the uterine pharynx is traumatized, which is densely provided with small blood vessels. At the same time, the pregnant woman does not notice any painful sensations, and bleeding is uninhabitable and stops literally in 2-3 hours.
  2. Women in a situation experiencing such a violation as progesterone insufficiency may also complain that they had bleeding from the genital tract during a seemingly normal current pregnancy. It should be noted that in most cases this occurs at the same time, when earlier came the monthly. Therefore, many future mothers who are not yet aware of their situation, take them for a month.
  3. If during pregnancy there is blood on a short term, then, most likely, this is implantation bleeding. This is noted literally 7-10 days after conception. Therefore, a woman may not even know that she will soon become a mother, tk. even carrying out an express test shows a negative result.
  4. Spontaneous abortion, which most often develops for up to 12 weeks, is also accompanied by the release of blood from the genital tract. This complication is often caused by a violation of the implantation process. He himself is accompanied by the appearance of pain in the lower part of the abdomen, which in time only intensifies.
  5. Ectopic, or as it is called, tubal pregnancy, is characterized by the appearance of blood from the vagina in a pregnant woman . The incidence of this complication of the gestational process is 1/100 of pregnancies. It is worth saying that the likelihood of such a violation increases dramatically when using uterine spirals as a contraceptive.

Thus, we can say that answering the question of future mothers about whether blood can normally go during pregnancy, doctors respond negatively and remind women of the need to go to medical institutions in such cases.