25 most beautiful celebrities revealed the secrets of their complexes

They are beautiful, sexy and famous, but even world-wide recognition could not get rid of their discontent with their appearance. These stars have complexes that you did not know about.

All of them have - these little mean worms, which are sharp from the inside, not allowing to calmly look in the mirror, on their own pictures, listen and watch their audio or video recordings. With complexes it is difficult to cope with even recognized beauties and handsome men. What can be not satisfied with the stars? But take a look.

1. Victoria Beckham

"Once I reviewed my photos with a smile. Straight bared any! "

Serious and strict - this kind of Victoria sees the world. Photos, where she smiles today, almost do not find in the day with fire. And all because Vicki believes that her smile is like a grin. Really, not really. But it's not as bad as that, is it? But that is not all. She is always on her heels, because she thinks that her feet should have been more authentic. And even painful calluses and corns will not convince Victoria to shoe something simpler. Maybe it's from pain and a smile like that? And what does the husband say?

2. David Beckham

"I do not like to talk."

And he generally tries to say little, because he is ashamed of his voice. It's hard to imagine, but it almost stopped the famous handsome football player from creating a family. If David had not crossed his complex, he would never have been able to invite the girl of his dreams to a date - Vicki. But the meeting did take place, and the couple was able to create a wonderful family. And the voice? Well, let him keep his peace. This is typical for men.

3. Natalie Portman

"Oh, this birthmark ..."

Everything in her is beautiful, and, in Natalia's opinion, she likes everything. In addition to one miniature detail on the cheek, which for a long time photographers even sketched in the pictures. It's just a mole. Delete it? But Natalie suffered-suffered, and then at one point somehow realized that the "vice" could be turned into a worthy plus. Now this birthmark is her business card.

4. Enrique Iglesias

"I always wanted to tear my birthmark."

This handsome man, it seems, would have something to talk about with Natalie Portman. At Enrique, the source of the complex was also adorned with a cheek. The singer admitted that he always wanted to remove his birthmark. In the end, he still deleted it. But in vain. He could also take this zest in appearance.

5. Angelina Jolie

"My lips are too puffy."

A highlight of Angie's lips. Although Jolie does not think so. It's hard to imagine, but the breathtaking plump lips, which almost 100% of the girls try to imitate today, Jolie just do not like. That's the twist! Why does not she correct them? There are plenty of possibilities. For example, Kim Kardashian did not put up with the complex, eliminating its cause.

6. Kim Kardashian

"I always wanted to correct the pop."

And she did not like the part of her body that everyone is talking about today. Belfi - the trend of the co-generation, and it was Kim who introduced the fashion to beautiful photos of the ass. She did not like her, as she thought, too little, the fifth point, that she just went and trimmed the buttocks with silicone.

7. Penelope Cruz

"Thanks to the ballet, my butt was small."

This beauty has the same complex as Kim's: a little priest. But the actress decided to correct the defect only once on the set of Pedro Almodovar's movie "Return", substituting the overhead buttocks. And I felt great at the same time.

8. Lily Allen

"Jeans are for shapely legs and thighs. But not for mine. "

She would gladly "share" the splendor of her hips with Penelope. Lily is so shy of her forms that she wears only dresses and skirts, considering that jeans are not for her. Yes, with such an ass only belfi and do! Eh ...

9. Keira Knightley

"I do not look very well from the back."

Another beautiful celebrity who can not accept his body in the bottom part. Kira even forbids the paparazzi to take pictures of her in the foreshortening "from the back."

10. Cameron Diaz

"My breasts are very small. I so hoped that she would grow up! "

The actress, too, is not happy with herself, her complex - a small chest - has haunted Cameron for many years. She looked hopefully at her bust, dreaming that the size of it would at least slightly increase. Alas. The miracle did not happen. The complex remained, but for some reason the Hollywood beauty for a long time never dared increase. Then all the same has surrendered in hands to plastic surgeons.

11. Cindy Crawford

"I have a" sad "chest."

And Cindy there! She would complain about her appearance for the company with Diaz. After all, the overall complex, after all: the chest is small. After birth, the bust changed, and Cindy did not stop carping at him, now considering her breasts as "sadly saggy". This is exactly how this example looks like for imitation of appearance. Even a dress with a deep neckline does not put on. Well, what can you do? We would have dreamed of being like Cindy Crawford, and Cindy would have dreamed of being like Kate Upton.

12. Kate Upton

"I'd like to have the first size instead."

Because Kate on the contrary thinks her breasts are too big. T-shirts on thin straps are missing in the wardrobe of the owner of a magnificent bust. The male sex is delighted with her, and she would feel much better with the first size. Here's a fad.

13. Kate Moss

"It was hard for me to force myself to act with my naked breast."

Another notorious star who does not like his own chest. To such an extent, I do not like that on one of the filming in the nude style, the model even had a nervous breakdown. This, of course, was a long time. Today Kate has matured, grown wiser and accepted her body as it is. And besides the fans among ordinary people, she always had a fan among the celebrities.

14. Katy Perry

"I dreamed of looking like Kate."

All her youth, Cathy dreamed of a figure like Kate Moss. But the singer was, in her opinion, too lush forms, with which she could not reconcile. I wonder if Katie still thinks she's fat.

15. Jennifer Lawrence

"Too lush forms."

Another beauty who can not put up with her appearance, considering herself complete. How do you like this "fatty"?

16. Scarlett Johansson

"In Hollywood, I always felt short and fat."

Scarlett also thinks about himself. According to the actress, to fix her lack is too difficult, so she just reconciled with him. The Scarlett complex is too full and short legs. But this is nothing compared to another beauty.

17. Shakira

"Do you think it's easy for me to do this in clips? Actually, I'm embarrassed. "

Sexual singer and dancer does not like her own body at all. Whole. Of course, the work obliges to be bold, and the beauty simply makes herself look liberated. But in fact the only thing that is not too shy to show Shakira at will is the stomach. Here. "

18. Nicole Kidman

"I have a male figure."

One of the most feminine actresses of Hollywood does not consider herself as such. Complex Nicole - angular figure, which lacks female smoothness and soft lines. And even the whole world will not convince the sex symbol of the past decades in the fact that it does not need to be complexed.

19. Paris Hilton

"Oh, how I would like to just come to the store and choose shoes for myself!"

What's wrong with that? Feet. Of course, the 43 size of the shoes is not exactly feminine, and many ladies do not care so much. But not Paris. She's terribly worried about her legs. And even more because buying shoes in fashion boutiques for the Hilton is not available. Poor thing has to wear shoes made to order, but how would she like to go shopping and try on beautiful shoes! For example, like Kristen.

20. Kristen Stewart

"My ears are huge. All the time I have to hide them. "

She can afford it. But Kristen's big, in her opinion, is something else: ears. The actress does not allow herself a variety of haircuts, with only two options in her arsenal: her hair loose or a large hairdo that hides her ears. But she was lucky. The ears can be hidden, but the nose where to put it?

21. Linda the Evangelist

"I once thought: this is not a nose, but horror. Too huge and long. "

That's exactly, probably, Linda would have thought - the owner of the "big nose" complex. The model for a long time could not accept this feature of her face. And then she somehow resigned herself, deciding that her nose was her pride. Umnichka!

22. Claudia Schiffer

"At school, I was teased by" dildo, "and I myself think so. We with Matthew are almost the same height, and I can not wear heels when we go somewhere together. "

That, thanks to which the most beautiful model of the world became famous, she hates her whole life - her growth. He added problems in his teens: young Claudia was always teased at school. Today, the model even refused to take off his heels, in everyday life it does not wear such shoes.

23. Eva Longoria

"My hands are my scourge. Look at the big joints! "

It would seem that there is also a complex with growth. Only in opposition to Claudia Eva is too miniature: only 1 meter and 57 cm. But no. Complexes Hollywood inch is not at all because of growth. It turns out she does not like arms and ... joints. The beauty worries that they are too big. Joints? Well, no, that's too much!

24. Jordan (Cathy Price)

"My fat stomach does not give me rest. I just can not get in shape after giving birth. "

The famous model, who probably sees herself more often in glossy magazines than in a mirror, does not like her stomach. It is not entirely clear to us, ordinary people, how and where it finds fat there. Jordan herself admits that she does not get to tidy her tummy after giving birth. Is it not possible? But what to do - complex.

25. Julia Roberts

"When I look at myself, I see a terrible skinny woman with bags under her eyes."

The heroine of "Beauty" Julia does not like looking at the mirror at all. According to the actress, she sees there "skinny terrible woman." Maybe Judy is a little right about leanness. But ... "terrible" ?! Fortunately, directors and producers in Hollywood do not think so, or we would not be able to see those wonderful films starring with this "skinny and scary" one.