Subconsciousness - communication, management, work with the subconscious

The subconscious of man is a storehouse of everything that he encounters throughout his life. All repressed from the knowledge of traumatic situations, automatic thoughts are stored in the subconscious. It is believed that during sleep, the subconscious expresses itself as brightly as possible and with it you can establish contact.

Consciousness and subconsciousness of a person

Two minds in the head - consciousness and subconsciousness - are closely interrelated and mutually influence each other and often argue among themselves. Consciousness (the objective mind) sends messages to the unconscious, which encodes information into symbols. And if the consciousness can be compared with the captain of the ship (person), then the subconscious is the crew. The subconscious mind, unlike consciousness, knows everything about a person. Intuition, limitless resources, but also negative ossified beliefs and attitudes are stored in the subconscious.

Subconscious mind - how to manage it?

The control of the subconscious mind is based on one very important and powerful tool, the name is awareness, which means being in the moment and watching. Only this way you can control the subconscious. When the mind is chaotic, it controls a person, but when thoughts are taken by a person under control: they are analyzed, deliberately changed to constructive ones - contact with the subconscious becomes commonplace.

How to get an answer from the subconscious?

Communication with the subconscious can be established with the help of simple techniques, someone gets it the first time, others need time. Simple methods of contact with the subconscious:

  1. A glass of water . A problem is written on a piece of paper that stirs the person, then a glass of water is collected and the question or problem is thought through in the mind, and the glass is drunk. A glass is put on a piece of paper and the rest of the water is drunk in the morning. The answer may come this night in a dream.
  2. The book . Choose a book, formulate an answer to the subconscious, open the book and put a finger anywhere. Read it.

Words for the subconscious mind

Word-passwords for the subconscious or swatches are an effective technique, created by J. Mangan. "Magic" words directly go to the subconscious, helping to change a person's state. These words are known to all:

How to work with the subconscious?

How the subconscious mind of a person is not fully understood, the brain has many mysteries. The entire evolutionary basket of ancestors, throughout the history of mankind, is embedded in the psyche, so those or other mechanisms emerging from the depths of the subconscious are not always clear. To date, psychologists use different methods (each has its own advantages and disadvantages):

How to remove fear from the subconscious?

Fear can turn out to be an ally of a person - an instinct that urges you to run from danger, and completely groundless, so all people ask themselves periodically: how to remove anxiety and fear from the subconscious? This is always an individual process and if the fear is deep, it is better to turn to a specialist, minor worries and fears can be removed, following the following recommendations:

Working with the subconscious mind - working out the settings

Negative attitudes in the subconscious often negate all the efforts of a person to overcome the problem or the pursuit of success. Against one's will, a person often mentally winds up a bunch of problems, where they are essentially nonexistent. But apart from the destructive power of the subconsciousness, there is also a creative one, and it is in the forces of man to realize this and begin to think constructively, influencing the subconscious. This can help the step-by-step technique "Positive installation":

  1. Take responsibility for their actions, problems, despondency on themselves. Take a piece of paper and write out all your negative attitudes and problems since I (I myself / myself chose this low-paying job, partner).
  2. Asking forgiveness for yourself.
  3. To replace negative thought with the opposite in sense of positive (I am unworthy → I am worthy, I do not have the strength → I am full of energy) and repeat as affirmation for 3 months.

How does the subconscious work during sleep?

The subconsciousness of a person never sleeps, there is even the statement of specialists that during the dream the subconscious is more active than in the waking state. The brain processes the information received from the day, analyzes it with the past similar experience and can give disturbing dreams if negative experience has emerged in the subconscious in a similar situation, so the subconscious mind tries to warn the person: "do not go there!", "You can not deal with this person! ". Sometimes the subconscious gives prophetic dreams, as it happens, for scientists - a mystery.

There are useful practices that allow you to effectively rebuild the subconscious during sleep:

Books about the subconscious

The power of the subconscious mind is great, psychologists and people insisting on the path of self-knowledge state. Using the techniques described in the books it is important to rely on one's own well-being and condition, after all the detected destructive programs and mental traumas can inflict enormous harm to a person. Some techniques and exercises will be useful for development. Books about the possibility of the subconscious:

  1. " Secrets of the subconscious " V. Sinelnikov. The author gives healing techniques, programming a person for recovery, finding harmonious relationships.
  2. " Secrets of the subconscious " L. Nimbruck. Investigation of the "black box" of the subconscious through lucid dreaming.
  3. " Superhuman human brain. Journey to the subconscious "M. Raduga. The book gives revolutionary tools for hacking restrictive beliefs and attitudes, introduced by parents and society.
  4. " Open Subconscious " A. Sviyash. The whole "kitchen" of subconscious processes in an understandable presentation, plus many authoring tools for the effective use of brain resources.
  5. "The subconscious can do everything " J. Kehoe. The best-selling book. The author suggests a systematic approach that activates unconscious processes to achieve what is desired in reality.

Movies about the subconscious

Films about the mind and the subconscious are interesting to psychologists, people involved in the disclosure of their abilities. The human brain is a mysterious substance, who knows what can be hidden there? Masterpieces of cinematography, revealing the veil of subconscious processes:

  1. "Areas of Darkness / Limitless" . Eddie Morra is a loser in life, his marriage is destroyed, as a writer he is not in demand, but everything changes the meeting with former brother-in-law Vernon, who offers him miraculous pills that reveal the potential of the brain 100%.
  2. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" . The film about love, which is not afraid of "erasing memories," the subconscious of the main characters refuses to erase feelings, and somewhere in the subconscious depth Joel and Clementine remember each other and come across again and again.
  3. "Deja vu / Déjà Vu" . The film is about the mysterious phenomenon of the subconscious, known as deja vu, expressed in the message of the brain "it already was."
  4. «Island of the Damned / Shutter Island» . Federal agents Teddy Daniels and Chuck go to a psychiatric clinic on Shatter Island to investigate the disappearance of the child killer Rachel Solando. The investigation ball gets tangled up and complicated by the fact that Daniels' subconscious keeps his own secrets.
  5. "Start / Inseption" . Dominic Cobb is a valuable expert in hacking people's subconscious, he steals valuable information through a lucid dream.