Easter eggs from beads

Easter eggs made of beads decorate the holiday especially, and sometimes they are so beautiful that they can simply decorate the house. Egg, braided with beads, of course, you can buy, but the real warmth and festive mood will give only an Easter egg made by own hands.

The decoration of eggs has long been elevated to the rank of great arts - for example, only the famous Faberge eggs - unique, unique and truly divine creations! Before the light holiday of Easter, there is very little time left, but it is enough to try to make a unique man-made miracle - the Easter egg from beads. Made with pure love, accompanied by good intentions, this gift will become a real amulet of the house from adversity.

Easter egg braided with beads

To make an Easter bead egg, we take beads of the same color, but of different sizes and different shades. Now, by direct weaving, we sew beads with beads, that is, a blank, so that a soft transition of the shades of a particular color is obtained. However, you can make an egg of the same color, better than a mother of pearl, it will also look very nice.

Lilies of the valley on the Easter egg made of beads will be made from ordinary plastic beads of pearl color in different shades.

Making an Easter egg from beads

So, let's get to work.

1. First we take pearls of different diameters. They will need quite a lot.

2. Then we take a coil of golden metallized thread, a tube of glue "Moment" and two coils of wire 0,3 and 0,4 mm.

3. At the next stage of making eggs from beads, we need small vise. We glue the metal with the adhesive with an adhesive plaster, glue the adhesive in two layers. This must be done so that the beads are not damaged.

4. Next, we need a toothpick, with which we will install the bead in the vice. It should not be clamped too much. We cut the upper part of the bead with a rough nail file and get a flat circle.

5. We collect on a double gold thread six pearl beads. We'll go through the ring a few times, so that the holes in the beads are completely filled with threads. Then we add the ends of the threads towards each other and pass them into a bead of size 15, now we tie these ends. Then in this bead should be passed a wire thickness of 0.3 mm.

6. Insert the ends of the thread and wire into the bead that was cut. On the sawn part of the bead, drip some glue and press the ring from the beads to this bead. We do this extremely accurately, otherwise we can stain hands and beads with glue and our Easter egg from beads will turn untidy.

7. Without pulling the tight thread, we wind the long end of the gold thread of the wire and the end of the thread. This should be done so as to completely hide the hole in the bead. The end of the thread will be fixed in the wires so that it does not untwist. To do this, we need enough time, about five minutes per bead.

8. Now we will collect a lily of the valley flower for the Easter egg from beads. The upper bead will be chosen the smallest, the lower the largest. We will thread a long string and a long wire into a bead of size 15. To this wire, tightly fasten the beads at a distance of 5-6 millimeters. Each subsequent bead should be larger than the previous one. Attaching the bead, obliquely cut the wire in the place where we put the next bead. Do not cut off the wire only from the last bead, these wires need to wrap all four wires to the end.

9. We use the method of hand weaving with a wire of golden color 0.4 mm thick to sew the leaves that must be of different sizes.

10. We attach the stems of the finished flowers to the leaves. The bottom of the leaves is tightly twisted together and then wrapped with threads that match the color and hue. Wire twisting neatly flattened pliers. Our Easter egg from beads is almost ready.

11. Now we can begin to make a stand for the Easter egg from beads. The stand should be made only after we have made an egg from beads, otherwise it's easy to make a mistake with the size of the stand, because its size depends on the size of the egg. For weaving this stand we need 48 beads of size 10. The top can be made larger than the bottom, and you can of the same size - it also looks very nice.

12. In our case, the egg turned out to be quite heavy, therefore the stand should be better strengthened. To strengthen the stand we need a coil from scotch tape. We will glue the bottom of the stand with plastic, so the Easter egg from beads will look more beautiful. We make four gold strips for two beads of size 15. We sew them on the shirt eggs so that they divide the egg evenly into four parts. We put the egg in the stand and outline the line to which the beaded string reaches on the delivery of the egg. We will sew stems with a bouquet from this line. We put the bouquet, fix it with a rubber band, so that it does not move and, without tightening too tightly, we sew the eggs to the shirt. On two twigs of lilies of the valley we sew on ribbons. Then it is necessary to sew the stand to the egg, this is necessary in order for it to be possible to take it in hand. We sew very carefully and so that the layout and the beginning of the bunches coincide with the middle petals of the stand.

13. Now we will sew a crown and central branches of the lily-of-the-valley to the shirt. We sew them for the stalk between the first and second beads. Using tweezers, we will straighten the beads.

14. At this weaving from the beads of the Easter egg with lilies of the valley is over.