National Museum of Modern Art

The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo is Japan's first museum of fine arts. Today there are more than 12 thousand exhibits of painting, sculpture, engravings, etc., so all connoisseurs of beauty should turn their eyes to visiting the expositions of this museum.


The National Museum of Modern Art is located in the Chiyoda district, one of the Tokyo neighborhoods, in the Kit-no-Maru park, near the Imperial Palace .

History of creation

The history of the museum has more than half a century. It was created in 1952 in Kobashi due to the efforts of the Ministry of Education of Japan. The architect of the building was Kunio Maekawa, who was the pupil of the famous sculptor Le Corbusier. In 1969, in connection with the increase in the collection, the museum moved to its current location. Near the main building were purchased two rooms, which now house the gallery of crafts (has been working since 1977) and the cinema center.

What is interesting in the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art?

In the collection of the museum there are more than 12 thousand works of art, among which about 8 thousand Japanese prints ukiyo-e. Many of them were collected by a famous politician, businessman and collector Matsukata Kojiro. At the beginning of the XX century, he collected engravings around the world, and his collection numbered 1,925 pieces. In addition to engravings, the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art has a collection of paintings and sculptures. Here you can see the works of outstanding Western artists - F. Bacon, M. Chagall, A. Modigliani, P. Picasso, P. Gauguin and others.

The museum complex includes several buildings with galleries and exhibition halls:

  1. The main building of the museum. It is the location of the permanent exhibition, in which about 200 works are presented in various genres, including Japanese sculpture and painting. The works of Japanese artists cover different periods, starting from the Meiji era. Pay attention to the canvas Ai-Mitsu, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Ai-Kew, Kagaku Murakami, etc. In addition to the main exposition, several times a year the museum holds temporary exhibitions, where you can also see works of masters from the Land of the Rising Sun, as well as European artists and sculptors.
  2. Gallery of crafts. It is interesting because it presents exhibits of varnish, textiles and ceramics made by craftsmen from all over the world.
  3. National Film Center. Here you will be offered more than 40 thousand films and art materials. Very often, visitors are shown screenings of movies.
  4. Library, video library and souvenir shops. Also, the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art has a library and a video library, where you can look at books and video games on contemporary art. In souvenir shops you will find a large selection of themed gifts to commemorate the visit to this museum in Japan .

How to get there?

To visit the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo , you need to walk about 3 minutes from the "Takebashi" station, which is located on the Tokyo Metro line of Tozai.

Ticket price: for permanent exhibitions for adults - 430 yen ($ 3.8), for students - 130 yen ($ 1.15). For visitors under the age of 18 and over 65, admission is free.