Cake of felt - almost like real!

What just do not make of felt - little animals, Christmas toys , flowers. And if you show a fantasy, you can make and treat for dolls, for example, cake.

Cake from felt by hands - a master class

To make a cake, we need:

Operating procedure

  1. For the cake we prepare the paper details of the pattern of the cake made of felt:
  • The side parts will be made of beige, yellow or white felt. And from the green felt we will cut out small leaves.
  • The upper and lower parts will be cut out of green and beige felt. From pink felt we will cut out three flowers and three hearts. From white felt we will cut out the detail of the bise and decoration for the upper part.
  • We sew the white round part to the top of the green color.
  • From above we sew pink flowers and hearts, alternating them.
  • On the white part of the meringue we draw all the rays together with a white thread.
  • From above we will sew a pink bead.
  • To the yellow side detail, we sew a white side detail.
  • To the yellow details, we sew small green leaves.
  • From below we sew the beige side detail. The side of the cake is ready.
  • We sew this part to the round green part.
  • On the opposite side we sew a round beige part.
  • Fill the cake with a sintepon.
  • Sew the side of the cake.
  • From above we sew "meringue".
  • The cake of felt is ready. Little girls will be very happy to receive such a treat for their dolls.