Postcard to your sister on your birthday with your own hands

Sister, sister, sister ... We are connected with sisters childhood memories and plans for the future. Sisters can support, encourage, and when you need and scold. We share with our sisters our dreams and desires, so it's not surprising that on holiday they want to be congratulated in a special way, sincerely. This can help a postcard made for your beloved sister on your birthday with your own hands.

How to make a birthday card for a sister?

Necessary tools and materials:


  1. Cut the cardboard, scrap paper and watercolor paper on the part of the right size.
  2. Immediately paste and stitch two squares of paper on the front of the workpiece.
  3. We glue the decorative parts to the substrate and cut off the excess.
  4. Before you flash, make a composition - in my case, the whole composition is made around a suitable picture.
  5. Step by step we sew details.
  6. And we add decorations - brads and buttons. I sewed all the buttons with one thread to reduce the number of knots.

Now let's proceed to the design of the middle:

  1. Plentifully moisten water with watercolor paper, and then paint and add blots - they will spread out on wet paper and create fanciful spots.
  2. Just do not hurt to give a little clarity, circling the cards in color pencil in tone klyaksam.
  3. Stitch paper for the inside of the postcard.
  4. And then we stick and sew cards for wishes.
  5. It remains to paste the details to the base, and we will get a bright postcard, with which you can congratulate a happy birthday sister of any age, because for each other you will always be a little children.

The author of the master class is Maria Nikishova.