Prophecies of the boy Vyacheslav: mankind is waiting for hunger and the return of dinosaurs

The forecasts of 10-year-old Slavik about the third world and the coming of Antichrist were frightened even by the Church!

The church foundations are quite harsh, therefore, not every predictor religion deserves the right to be officially recognized as a saint. But the veracity of their prophecies is not affected in any way - after all, the "false prophet", according to the clergy, could leave Vyacheslav's son a lot of shocking truthful forecasts that surprise us today.

Who was the boy Vyacheslav Krashennikov?

The boy, whom the newspa- tors later called "the healer Slavik", was born in 1982 in the Kemerovo region. He was the son of a military man and a housewife: the family in which he grew up was quite ordinary. So the teachers at school and Slavik's friends thought, but not his mother. She was the first to notice the unusual gift of her son. The gift of foresight of the little boy opened when at the age of 4 he suffered a concussion. Father, being a Soviet citizen, was skeptical of his wife's stories. Then the mother showed the child to the elder Naumu from the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, confirming the unusual nature of the gift of Slavik. Then he just turned 8 years old.

Later, Valentina Afanasyevna-Slavik's mother-recalled:

"It was then, at the age of 8, the son told me that he sees all the internal organs of people and knows what people think he sees all the diseases at the very beginning and, it turns out, he helped some children in school. He said he knows the thoughts of our president, the American president, and in general the thought of all people knows: where, what nuclear missiles are worth and how many, that there are absolutely no secrets for him on earth. "

"Sarafanne radio" did its job - suffering from all parts of the Soviet Union was drawn to the boy. The boy was believed not only by ordinary people, but also by high-ranking officials: there were rumors that he predicted the future and healed serious illnesses.

Valentina about the popularity that hit the child:

"The generals of the Soviet army, who heard about Slavik, asked my husband about a meeting with him."

For 2-3 years about the boy Vyacheslav published several books describing biographies and prophecies. Whether permanent sessions of help to the suffering, or worries about the future of the planet adversely affected the health of Slavik. He fell ill with leukemia, from which he died in 1993. Despite the statements of the priests who contacted him during his lifetime, the boy did not accept the church. She still opposes the "cult of St. Slavic" - a child on whose grave every day you can see pilgrims.

What secrets of the future did Slavik reveal?

We can consider Slavik a saint or a swindler, but it's hard not to be surprised by the accuracy of the predictions that will come true. The verbal form in which the boy clothed his predictions is also striking: 10-year-olds usually speak very differently from him. And certainly they are not interested in space, economics and diseases, from which mankind will perish ...

"The money of the world ruler will be called the euro. Business with this money will go well and the last country that will be transferred to them will be America "

In 1992, the boy was able to predict what did not even occur to the eminent financiers. At a time when the world was dominated by the dollar, Vyacheslav somehow saw how the single European currency will strengthen and beat the records of the popularity of American money. Modern America is stubbornly opposed to its development, but many international settlements are already being conducted in the euro.

"There are a lot of demons on the Moon, so-called aliens. They can show different foci on the Moon and, as it were, on the Sun. Therefore, one should not stare at their tricks in the sky "

Increased interest in the life of other planets and dreams of colonization of the moon led to the fact that it already found signs of life. Regular researchers discover on its surface that strange structures, then water sources, then bacteria unknown to terrestrial science. All this indicates that soon earthlings will face a new civilization, of which they know nothing.

"The earth is not round and the dinosaurs are not extinct. In the earth there are huge empty spaces and when the climate warms, the land will fall into these places, and in some places it will move apart in huge layers in different directions "

Five years after the death of Slavik, scientists suggested (and later proved) that the Earth has a more oval shape than a round one. It is flattened - and this is clearly visible from outer space. Nothing is known about the emptiness in the earth's crust, although the tectonic plates actually move in different directions during the earthquake, provoking the appearance of faults and cracks. With dinosaurs, Slavik may well be right: ancient species were inclined to fall asleep for millions of years, and then wake up and show activity.

Many predictions of Slavik are due to the inevitably looming world hunger. He will have artificial causes provoked by a conspiracy of the authorities of major world powers. The boy realized in an incomprehensible way that after decades, the idea of ​​chipping people would be popular. For example, the USA has experimented for several years with chips that replace passports and the country's leadership wants to fully translate all residents into this method of accounting. Since not everyone likes this idea, the measures of which Slavik spoke will be applied.

"People will become very evil. For the sealed there will be separate shops with good goods. And for the rest there will be shops with bad goods and high prices. The seal will be in the form of a tattoo - it will be applied by rays, some isotopes, three sixes. God will not forgive anyone who accepted the seal. First, the seal will not be visible, but then it will turn green as an electronic scoreboard "
"When the devil himself does false miracles and says that he is God, Christians will see in him Jesus Christ, Muslims are Mohammed, and Buddhists are Buddha, but some of the Buddhists will doubt because the Buddha was not going to come. Around him there will be a lot of demons, and people will see in him a god, each his own, and demons will seem to them angels. A strong stench will emanate from the devil, but people will not feel it. Only a few will not go to see it. "

The brand of the Antichrist with biochip will make people immortal, but evil. They will be governed by demons, whose task will be to prepare the whole world for the reign of Antichrist. On the eve of his appearance, everyone will start to be carried away by spiritualism, the popularity of fortunetellers and psychics will increase.

"Our country will be at war with China. First, Russia will reconcile with America, there will be a lot of Americans on our borders. We will have everything American, even a movie. Then all Russian people get tired of it. When the Americans and the Chinese are on the brink of war, at the last moment the Americans will get scared of the Chinese and set them against us. The war will be such that somewhere there will be bloody battles, and somewhere without a single shot they will take: in the evening we will fall asleep Russians, and in the morning we will wake up to the Chinese. The Chinese will kill our men and boys, sterilize our population "

It seems that Slavik is the only predictor who was able to see in detail what the third world war would be like. Unfortunately, the life of the boy broke off on this, so he did not have time to tell where to seek salvation from the horrors waiting for each person ...