What does the name Anton

The main qualities of a man named Anton - assertiveness, stubbornness and purposefulness. He is a sociable, good-natured and open person.

Anton's name is translated from Latin as "wide."

Origin of the name Anton:

There are two versions of the origin of this name.

According to the first, the name Anton came from the Latin "Anthony" - "wide."

According to another version, the name came from the ancient Greek - "compete", "join the battle", "enemy".

Characteristics and interpretation of the name Anton:

As a child, little Antoshka is an enchantress, he is full of charm, which, however, persists even to adulthood. Very friendly with the father, even if the parents live divorced. He treats his parents with great respect. Quite hardworking and workable. Loves reading a lot. Through life, lucky and lucky. Over time, these men become the standard of patience. They often need a good sleep and fresh air. They have excellent memory and developed intelligence.

The Antonians are quite bold and persistent, diplomatic and calculating, they have a vivid fighting temperament, although, along with this, there is some kind of cowardice in their character, which is practically the only drawback they are trying to hide carefully from others. The Antonians are very proud, they have a lot of pride. It is not easy to be friends with him, he prefers to have only one friend, rather than a large company, guided by the principle - "an old friend is better than the new two."

Anton, often, is fond of psychology, parapsychology, philosophy, medicine, paramedic. This name belongs to famous musicians, singers, artists, writers. In general, he is not one of the people whose plans include the conquest of the whole world, sometimes he does not know what he wants from life, is not always able to express his wishes. By temperament, Anton is an introvert, often "withdraws" into himself, thus closing himself off from all the people around him, including relatives.

From the Antonov, wonderful scientists are obtained, they are indispensable in production, well versed in technology. They are valued by both colleagues and management for their enormous capacity for work and diligence.

In his personal life, Anton strives for unearthly love, annoying his lover with phone calls and outpourings of his feelings, but, at the same time, may have several partners on the side. Sometimes the Antonians remain bachelors for life. They are quite aggressive. Often adheres to the rules of morality.

Since the very youth of Anton is surrounded by many women and girlfriends, but it is very difficult to marry him. At this step, he decides for a long time, carefully thought through all the details and all previously weighed. The decision takes exceptionally on its own. However, after marrying, he continues his adventures "to the left." His natural kindness and complaisance helps him to avoid many conflict situations in the family and scandals. Often he dreams of his home - a fortress in which you can hide from the surrounding, not always fair, in their opinion, peace.

Interesting facts about the name Anton:

The name Anton is one of the epithets of the Greek god of winemaking and fun - Dionysus.

Now this name is not very popular, although a couple of centuries ago it was one of the most common.

Anton name in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Anton : Antoshka; Tosha; Antos; Antokha; Antosha; Tosya; Antya; Tonya; Antony

Anton - the color of the name : yellow

Flower of Anton : lily

Stone of Anton : garnet