What does the name Timur

Timur's main aspiration is power and success, the main qualities are prudence, alertness and perseverance.

The name Timur, translated from Turkic, means "iron."

Origin of the name Timur:

The name came to us from the Turkic language. There is an opinion that one of the variants of the name Timur is the name Damir. In addition, the name Timur is one of the variants of the name Tamerlane.

Character and interpretation of the name Timur:

Tims are born usually more like their father, and the character inherits the mother. Small Timur love active games with peers. Contrary to their "solid" name, they are kind, non-evil and respectful towards one-year-olds, parents and elders. Timur always aspires to join a new company, to take part in an active game, or even better in a competition. He willingly and with interest enters into children's organizations, is able to take a lively part in their creation. Timurians like to read and usually have a broad outlook since childhood and can support the conversation on almost any topic. Timur is also interested in intellectual games like chess, he can sit for hours on the part played, without feeling bored.

Since childhood, Timur has been attentive, collected and calm, does not tolerate being shouted at, and rarely raises his voice. He prefers to be the only one of his kind, does not like comparisons and equalization with others. The living imagination is well combined in it with the natural mind, Timur is not only smart, but also able to quickly and successfully apply knowledge in practice.

Timur is a born leader. He rationally builds relationships in the team and everyone finds a suitable place. As a leader, Timur always respects his subordinates, as an employee - ideally follows the rules accepted in the team. Timur has an innate gift to lead people, born charisma is combined in him with confidence in his own power and desire to rule. He is businesslike and organized, but sloppiness, illogicality, or an absurd remark can in a second lead him out of himself. Timurans are angry violently, but not for long, sincere apologies or rational explanation quickly return to them the usual coolness. He does not tolerate stupid and unkind people, respects intellect and erudition, both in men and in women.

In Timur's relations, sensitive and vulnerable are sensitive, try to protect themselves from unpleasant emotions with their characteristic foresight. If Timur is a cheerful person in the company, then with women he is modest, cautious and impressionable. In bed, he is able to give and receive great pleasure, and therefore in sexual relationships is picky, but impulsive and impulsive. He carefully chooses a companion of life and deeply experiences love failures, sometimes falling into depression and not sharing experiences with friends or with relatives. Timur prefers to marry late and does not get divorced.

Timur always cares about the family, trying to make both the wife and children feel like a stone wall. At home he, like at work, is an authority. With deep respect, he refers to older relatives and to family ties in general.

Interesting facts about the name Timur:

Timur, born in winter, prefers sports and usually becomes successful in it. He is quick-tempered and can be cruel in achieving his goal. "Summer" Timur is soft, diplomatic and calm, he listens to the opinion of other people. "Autumn" is prudent and cold-blooded, and "spring" is characterized by imbalance, it rushes from one extreme to another, often can not decide in life.

He, as a rule, monogamous, successful alliances are obtained from him with Marina, Margarita, Olga and Nina, and troubles in her personal life can be during marriage with Galina, Elena and Larisa.

The most famous, to date, bearer of this name is the founder of the Timurid empire, who conquered most of the Eurasian continent, an outstanding commander, better known to us as Tamerlane.

Name Timur in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Timur : Timurka, Timur, Tim, Tim, Moore

Timur - color of name : black

Flower of Timur : karagach

Timur's stone : obsidian