What does the name Victoria

Victoria is a shy and calm girl. He does not like conflicts, he forgives his resentment quickly. In adolescence, it is a bright and, at times, somewhat impulsive person. To the set goal, it will go purposefully and seriously, until it reaches it.

In translation from Latin, the name Victoria, means "victory."

Origin of the name Victoria:

To date, there are several theories of the origin of the name Victoria.

According to the first theory, the name Victoria came to us from Ancient Greece. There is its mutated form - Quiz, which in translation means "victorious".

According to another theory, Victoria is a very ancient Roman name. It is found in Roman mythology. This name is the name of the ancient goddess of victory, the cult of which existed long before the advent of the Roman-Greek pantheon of the gods.

The nature and interpretation of the name Victoria:

Little Vick often takes features from his father. Usually, this is a calm and balanced child, often, self-contained and not verbose. Due to her natural slowness, she rarely happens to be a ringleader in children's games. Vika likes to listen to her parents reading books to her, but she does not want to learn to read for a long time. Often, Vika grieves parents of their poor appetite.

At a young age, Victoria begins to "come to life", becomes more open and sociable. But as a child, not having learned to overcome her shyness, in an attempt to assert herself, she can throw herself to extremes-wearing too provocative clothes, putting on too bright make-up. This demonstrativeness, in consequence, will be fixed in the character of Vicki and will become one of its main features.

At school, Victoria is learning "not very well". Often, can not understand the lesson material, does not do homework. With classmates keeps wary. She will never take upon herself any social commission. And if she is forced to impose it, she will try to pass it on to someone else in every way or perform it "after the sleeves". Teachers more than once will blame Victoria for incompetence and inattention. But peers, despite some alienation of Vicki, always treat her well. First of all, for calm disposition, discretion and non-conflict.

When choosing a profession, Victoria should choose one that does not require constant communication with people. Despite all its squeeze, Victoria, quite, can become a successful model, model, actress. A good career is promised to her in the same way as a writer, a cook, an economist, an accountant, a builder. However, Victoria is not capable of leading - she only needs to receive the slightest rebuff from her colleagues, as all her businesslike activity and activity evaporates.

Partner Victoria chooses very carefully, showing, sometimes overstated requirements for the future spouse. And, even when already married, she doubts whether she made the right choice. If her husband helps Victoria make sure of the correctness of her choice, then she will become infinitely loyal to him, trustful and frank.

With the birth of children, Victoria will be dragging on for a long time, doubting whether she will be able to properly educate them and should provide. Becoming a mother, Vika will not take much care of the moral development of her children, but, materially, will provide them fully.

Interesting facts about the name of Victoria:

Victoria is named many different places on our planet, it is the state and the river in Australia, the cities in the USA, Argentina, Chile, Canada, El Salvador, Mexico, the waterfall and the lake in Africa, the mountain in New Guinea, the islands in the Arctic.

Outside of our planet, too, there is Victoria - it's an asteroid, the orbit of which lies between Mars and Jupiter.

The name is widely used in the names of sports clubs and in art.

Name Victoria in different languages:

Forms and variants of the name Victoria: Vicki, Vikusya, Vika, Vikula, Vikta, Viktusya, Tosha, Tusya, Vikusa, Vita, Vitula, Vitusya, Vitusa, Vitia, Vira, (Torja), Tori, Victorka

Color of the name of Victoria : purple

Flower of Victoria : mimosa

Victoria Stone : Lapis lazuli

Nicky for the name of Victoria / Vic: Tory, Vicky, Tosha, Kusia, Hurricane, Tornado, Waterfall, Victory, No_War, Winner, COOL-I