Hair dryer

In the arsenal of any woman should be present hair dryer, a device that allows you to quickly dry your hair and give them an attractive look. But how to choose a really functional thing, so that it properly performs its function?

Type of hair dryer

Today in the store you can find three main categories of hair dryer:

The usual type of hair dryer is the best option for a home that perfectly dry even thick and long hair . In the set there are also attachments to the hair dryer - a concentrator and a diffuser, which increases the volume.

A small hair dryer is indispensable on the road or business trip. It, as a rule, is inexpensive, but because of the low power it dries the head of hair much longer. In conditions where it is not possible to connect to the network, it is convenient to use a wireless hair dryer that operates on rechargeable batteries.

Owners of thin and thin hair suitable brush hair dryer, which gives the opportunity to create curls, curls or classic straightness with simultaneous drying.

Additional possibilities of the hair dryer

Regular hair dryers often have different possibilities for maximum comfortable drying. The drying speed can be medium or maximum. In some models there are not two but three speeds.

When choosing a hair dryer for hair, it is equally important to switch the temperature mode. Ladies who take care of their hair can use a cold or warm jet of air. Hot mode will speed up the drying of hair at times.

The ionization function will not allow your hair to become electrified and, as a consequence, stick out in different directions.

Among the manufacturers are popular models from Braun, Babyliss, Scarlett, Phillips, Tefal, Polaris, Remington, Rowenta and others.