Home Air Purifier

Clean and moisturized air is a guarantee of well-being and health in general. However, having decided to purchase a household air purifier for a house or apartment, you need to analyze your own needs, because there are plenty of types and models of these devices on the market. Before choosing an air cleaner, you should familiarize yourself with a number of requirements for this household appliance.

Types of air purifiers

So, why do we need an air cleaner in the house? Every day, our apartment accumulates a huge number of bacteria, dust and various allergens. If on the street the air circulation is a constant process and independent from the person, in a closed space these harmful substances and organisms accumulate, harming the health of people. With the help of the device, which acts as a cleaner and humidifier, this problem is solved in a short time.

The first thing you need to decide on is the problem that you are going to solve with the cleaner. The fact is that there are several technologies used in these devices. For example, the device with a plasma (electrostatic) filter can help with dust. Such an air purifier from dust attracts it to the filter by means of a charge. You need to remove the filter and rinse it. With the same problem will help to cope with an air purifier with an ionizer, which precipitates dust on any horizontal surfaces. That is, the change and flushing of the filter is not needed.

Allergies to the question of which air purifier from dust to choose, it is necessary to approach very carefully. Salvation - appliances with HEPA-filter. These filters are able to remove minute dust particles from the air, and the cleaning efficiency reaches 99.9%! A similar indicator for air washers - devices that drive air through a slurry of water. Dust remains in the water, and clean air returns to the room. For the same purpose, air purifiers-ionizers with remote ionization function are used.

Not only dust is the cause of allergies, but also mites, mold and fungus. By purchasing air purifiers with photocatalytic filters, you provide the apartment with clean air, since toxic compounds decompose during the interaction of the catalyst and ultraviolet rays. Ultra-violet air purifier is also effective for the destruction of unpleasant odors, including tobacco smoke. This purchase will be relevant in a family where children are often ill with viral diseases. Ultraviolet rays kill germs, bacteria and viruses, disinfecting and disinfecting the air.

Important Settings

Having determined the model of the air cleaner, it is necessary to calculate the power of the device, at which it will be effective in a particular room. And it depends on the area to be cleaned. You can buy one device in each room, focusing on its area. If this is not possible, pay attention to the models cleaners with high power. Installed in one room, the device will purify the air and in several adjacent rooms.

Now about the costs that you are willing to bear when servicing the air cleaner. Does not frighten the need for regular purchase of replacement filters? Boldly purchase models with filters that guarantee a high degree of purification. Are they overburdening waste? Then ozonizers, ionizers, photocatalytic and unfiltered cleaners - for you! Just keep in mind that such a device must have an ionization function, since electric charges make the purified air "dead", killing not only harmful microorganisms, but also oxygen!