Toasters for hot sandwiches

Nothing so invigorates in the morning like a cup of freshly brewed coffee . And if for the time gathering is short, satiate the stomach will help warm and hearty sandwiches. For their early cooking, manufacturers have created toasters for hot sandwiches. Well, if there is a flavor of a coffee and a sandwich in the house, getting up in the morning will be much easier for your family.

How does a sandwich toaster work?

An interesting device will fill the silence of your kitchen with an appetizing crunch of a fried crust of a delicious hot sandwich. The exterior view resembles a waffle iron - the body consists of two halves. The elements of the future hot sandwich are laid out on the plate of the bottom part - slices of bread and filling. Then all this is covered by the upper part of the body with a similar plate. When the toaster is turned on, both plates are heated, so that the bread between them is toasted and the filling is heated. The result is a well-fried sandwich with any filling - cheese, sausage, ham, tomatoes, greens, etc. As you can see, fast and satisfying!

What are sandwich toasters?

In view of the love of ordinary people for hot sandwiches, manufacturers offer different models, as they say, for every taste and purse. If we talk, for example, about the material of the case, then on sale you can find inexpensive models of heat-resistant plastic and expensive stylish products made of stainless steel.

Differences also apply to the plates that heat your sandwich. Made of metal, they can be ordinary or non-stick, not allowing the bread to stick to the plate. By the way, today the only plates are equipped with only budget models of a toaster for hot sandwiches. As for the shape of the sandwich, the choice is limited to a rectangular, triangular or oval shape. Here it is necessary to consider personal preferences. With regard to the number of sandwiches that can be cooked at a time, then basically for sale there are toasters, designed for two, four or eight sandwiches.

Probably, one of the important quality characteristics of sandwich toasters for hot sandwiches can be considered power. It is on its indicator that it depends how little (or how much) time it takes to make a delicious sandwich. In low-cost models, as a rule, the power does not exceed 300-750 watts. In toasters from the more expensive segment, the figure is not lower than 800 W, so you can enjoy the crunch of the sandwich and the juiciness of its filling in almost seconds.

It is impossible not to mention the additional functions of a toaster for hot sandwiches. On many models there are indicators - one demonstrates that the device is connected to the network, and the other informs about the readiness of sandwiches.

Often in the toaster, there are regulators that allow you to set the desired heating temperature, which determines the degree of roasting the bread. A great choice can be the purchase of a universal toaster, which perfectly combines not only the function of cooking your favorite sandwiches. In such models, the plates are removable. They can easily be replaced with wafers or mini-grill for meat and vegetables. A good example of this is the Luazon LT-08 sandwich toaster, which, in addition to sandwiches and waffles, can be pampered with seven lavish donuts. By the way, despite the multifunctionality, there is such a device inexpensive.

An example of a budget option may be a sandwich toaster from Scarlett, Maxwell, Sinbo, Clatronic, Vitek. The prices for them are low, but the quality can not be called high. The average price range is demonstrated by devices from Phillips, Tefal, Moulinex, Redmond. This is a completely different level of kitchen appliances!