Selecting a name for newborns

Mother Nature always pampers us with miracles. One of such miracles has the right to be called the emergence of a new life, the long-awaited and desired child. For most parents, the date when their child is about to appear is not of great importance, if only the baby is born healthy. Others, on the contrary, try to plan a pregnancy in order to prepare thoroughly for the emergence of a miracle, preparing seasonal clothes, necessary adaptations in advance, and choose a name for the future bearer of their name. But what exactly needs to be guided when choosing a child's name? Not all parents know the answer to this question.

  1. There are many different ways of choosing, we will focus on the most important: first, the name should be consonant with the middle name and easily pronounced, for example - Alexander Sergeevich or Elena Lvovna. But there is nothing wrong with if you wanted to "scrape" and pick up a completely unexpected name. However, be prepared for the fact that, for example, Sigismund Arsenievich himself will carry a more powerful energy load, because people with rare and uncommon names often have the same characteristics.
  2. Secondly, it is not necessary to call the youngster a name belonging to the bright hero of the sacred books in religion, from which you are far away and who do not profess. Then there may be problems with the baptism of the child. Of course, he will be called by another name to indicate baptisms in the church journal, but, you know, most likely, the prophet Mohammed himself would not want to share his name with a representative of another religion.
  3. Another common rule concerning not only the Christian faith is to name the saint who is honored on the birthday of the baby. It is believed that this way the child will be under his patronage all his life.
  4. If new parents do not have any ideas at all, we should turn around, evaluate the world around us, sometimes the situation or confluence of circumstances dictates the only true choice. For example, if the girl was born on May 1, and even in the village of Maiskoe, does Elena only come to mind? Here the case itself tells Maya to appear before the world in all its glory!
  5. Many believe that the child can not be called the name of deceased relatives. It is believed that he will inherit the fate, and with it the sorrows and fiasco of the first bearer of the name. But nevertheless there are those who consider this rule to be "eared for ears" and do not see anything wrong with the son carrying the name of a beloved, kind and glorious grandfather, of which only good memories have preserved the memory.

The choice of a name is an individual process. Often parents take it upon themselves, sometimes the baby's birth conditions dictate the decision, contrary to the wishes of others, but the most important is the parent's firm belief that his child, bearing this name, will be happy, healthy and talented. And with the help of information on our site you can pick up a name for newborns, find out the meaning of names, the dates of the name day, and their compatibility.