What does the name Arina mean?

Hearing the name Arin, you represent a confident, cheerful, independent woman. This is actually so. Arins, often, simply radiate some inner peace. It is not for nothing that Arina's name is translated from Greek as "peace", "peace".

Origin of the name Arina:

It is believed that Arina's name in the Russian-speaking culture came from the common Russian Old Russian pronunciation of the name Irina. This is due to the special habits of pronunciation of letters from peasants. In the privileged society, the name was pronounced correctly, so Arin did not call the children.

There is also a second version, the origin of the name, which says that the name Arina is a form of the Slav name of Yarin, which arose on behalf of the main Slavic god - Yarila.

The third version says that the name Arina is a form of the male Jewish name Aaron, which means "mountain", "teacher", "high", "enlightened".

According to the fourth version, this is the name of the Thracian goddess of sunlight.

Characteristics and interpretation of Arin's name:

Even in childhood, my favorite Arinina phrase is "I am myself!". She tries to make any decisions independently. Before doing any act, Rina several times will think it over and weigh it. The girl grows a little closed, sluggish, "on my mind". A girl with that name is like her father, but her character takes from her mother. She has an excellent intuition, any information remembers, practically, instantly.

At school she easily gets high scores, the girl generally likes to learn. Arina is a creative person and has a wonderful taste. She brings great pleasure to her passion for drawing, knitting and sewing. She likes to play sports. In youth, usually, Arina visits any sports section. The girl is very sociable, in the circle of her friends and girls, and boys. In addition to needlework and sports, Rina seeks to learn several foreign languages, likes to photograph. In the future, she can receive several very different specialties.

A girl, with that name, will not allow anyone to impose herself any opinion. In skirmishes and scandals shows excellent self-control. She always knows what she needs. Setting a goal, thoroughly preparing for its achievement. At work, Arinu, most often, appreciate colleagues and bosses. Being, from birth a good psychologist, she very clearly feels the mood of the interlocutor, so with everyone can find a common language. Arina - a workaholic, trying to bring any work to the end, is always focused on the matter. If it is periodically praised, then the quality of work will be many times higher.

The head from Arina is good, - the subordinates will respect her, and listen to her and her wishes. In addition, this is a very correct person. She will never attack the subordinate publicly with accusations, all comments prefer to discuss tete-a-tete. A successful career can be done by working as a designer, musician, artist, fashion designer.

In relationships with men, Arina is very indecisive. She falls in love often, but she can not fully or afraid to express her feelings. Most often, she does not realize this. Carried away by a man, does not lose the ability to think soberly.

Arina, usually, has a lot of admirers. Getting married early. In marriage she manifests herself as a wonderful hostess, hospitable and hospitable, and a devoted wife. She likes to clean up and create coziness in her home. From the husband demands fidelity, it is very jealous. The elect of Arina should become the leader in the family. She is a very loving mother, for the well-being of her children, ready for much.

Interesting facts about the name Arina

Arin, born in the winter, has a difficult relationship with his parents.

In Orthodoxy, several saints are known with the name Arina. This is the wife of St. George - the righteous Arina, the faithful queen of Arina and the Monk Arina of Cappadocia.

Abbreviations in the name of Arin, such as, Ira, Rina, Rena, eventually came into use as independent names.

In Russia the name Arina has won popular love, thanks to Arina Rodionovna - the nurse of the poet Pushkin.

Arina's name in different languages:

Forms and variants of Arin's name: Yarina, Irena, Irene, Irinia, Irene, Orina, Arisha, Aryna, Irina, Irusha, Irinka, Rena, Arisya, Arka, Irinya, Irena, Erina, Arya, Arinka, Aryukha, Irunya, Irusia, Rina, Irisha, Aryusha, Ira, Arisha, Rinka, Arina, Arishka

Color of the name Arina : pale blue

Arina's flower :: lily of the valley

Arina's Stone : Opal

Nicky for the name Arina: ARINA, Rina, Smile, Renee, Rodionovna, Ara, Irene, Arch, Arka, Yarilo, Sun, Clear Sunny