Weaving from the Vines for Beginners

Surely every house has at least a small basket, wicker from the vine. With this, our grandmothers go to the market to this day, and most of the parishioners for Easter bear cakes and pysankas in them. The cost of such a basket is quite high and quite justified: the vine should be found and properly prepared , and then hand-weaved. Technique of weaving from a vine is not such a complicated matter, but it can very well become your hobby.

Where to get a vine for weaving?

Your task is to find the right tree, the right period of the year, to properly prepare the collected twigs. The most suitable period for collection is from July to August, when the juice begins to slow down its running through the branches. In principle, all kinds of willow behave equally well, except for brittle.

As a rule, the place where you can take a vine for weaving, is located in a suburban area near the water. If you live in an industrial city or a willow is not exactly located nearby, hazel groves, roots of trees and even some shrubs, and bast with bark bamboo are quite fitting.

The weaving technique from the vine assumes, as a first stage, the processing of the collected material. If you assemble it in the right period, clear the bark and split it will be very simple. Also, a method of revitalization is used, the code for a couple of weeks puts the twigs with wide ends into the water and awaits the appearance of green shoots. If necessary, the rods are steamed and rendered as pliable as possible.

Types of weaving from the vine

There are several varieties of weaving from the willow vine:

Weaving of the box from the vine

Already if we talk about weaving from the vines for beginners, it is best to get acquainted with the box:

  1. We begin with the bottom. Extreme bases will be made from pine rails, all set in a bar to ensure a level edge.
  2. We begin to weave the rope. We fold the thin rod in half and we braid the base step by step.
  3. Each time we add a long rod and make double racks.
  4. For those who are interested in weaving from the vines for beginners, it is important to remember one rule. At work it is necessary to increase a twig, here we work under such scheme: it is necessary to increase always a komel to a lump or a top to a top, thus necessarily we do an additional turn on extreme racks every three lines.
  5. Building is done only on the outside of the weave.
  6. We will finish the bottom again with a rope in two twigs.
  7. Have received a bottom, have prepared rods under racks.
  8. The basis for the box is a rigid frame, knocked out of pine sticks with a circular cross-section. The more quality you will assemble the frame on nails, the smoother and more accurate the final view of the box will be.
  9. Each corner element will be decorated and simultaneously strengthened by a so-called ribbon-gloss.
  10. We drive a nail to start work and gradually begin to twist each of the three bases, the end is refueling.
  11. The first part of the work is completed.
  12. And now, on the wet bottom, make the holes with the awl under the twigs and insert them.
  13. Next, lift each rod to the upper crossbar, twist it around it.
  14. Similarly, we work on the end faces.
  15. We begin to braid the frame with rope technique in three twigs. After we got the same levels on all the sides on the three bars, we pass into the twine in two twigs. and so on to the end.