How to draw a family tree to a child in school?

Often, students are asked a creative homework - to draw their own genealogical tree. Of course, you can not do without the help of adults. Often the process involves all of the next of kin, remembering the common efforts of their ancestors. Before you draw a family tree to a child in school, adults should thoroughly understand the links between generations.

Assigning a child to draw a family tree with his own hands, as well as possible, lets you know the roots of a kind. The current generation is not particularly interested in their ancestors, who, leaving their lives, take with them forever valuable information for all sorts.

In order to perform the work will require a minimum of materials - markers or pencils and if possible a photo. More often than not, a family tree, supplemented with photographs, makes children of lower grades or in kindergartens the minimum requirements, it is enough to recall the next of kin, whose images are likely to be found in albums or on digital media.

High school students are offered to dig deeper, and to display information with the most authenticity, with dates of birth, death and a brief description of the ancestral path of ancestors. It is very rare for someone who has preserved old photographs, and therefore, it is better to display all information in a frame of arbitrary shape.

Master Class: how to draw a family tree

Of course, the main task in creating a genealogical tree falls on the shoulders of the parents, but the child must necessarily participate in the creative process. Thus, not only will it help to paint a picture, but it will also penetrate more deeply through blood ties:

  1. Most often for such work choose a standard white sheet A4, which can be painted or left the same. Most often the family tree is depicted in the form of a mighty oak tree, we will go along this path, and we will depict a large tree.
  2. If it is planned to mention more than five generations, it is better to draw the most lush crown. This same advice is suitable for those who will use a large font for writing names.
  3. The name of the child can be located both on the top of the tree, and below. In addition to it, some use the pronoun "I", which speaks on behalf of the child. As a frame, we use a simple oval, although if desired, you can draw the names in a delicate frame.
  4. After the baby, mom and dad go. It is better if they are placed on both sides of the trunk. Then the relatives of the pope will be on one side, and the mothers on the other.
  5. Then the mothers go, of course, their grandparents loved by her line. You can add their names.
  6. Then comes the turn of the closest relatives of the pope. If the child has an aunt and uncle, and those in turn have their children, that is, cousins ​​and brothers of the child, then place them next to the grandparents.
  7. Basically, parents remember their grandparents, which the child is a grandmother and great-grandfather - do not forget about them.
  8. For the sake of clarity, we point out who got what from whom.
  9. Color the tree crown in a traditional green color.
  10. If you use finely grinded pencil, it can be rubbed with a finger or cotton wool, then you can get an unusual effect. We apply it to color the trunk and roots of the tree.

So, in a simplified form, you can depict a genealogical tree. Often in schools arrange exhibitions of such joint work of parents and children. If mom or dad does not know how to draw a family tree, they can download the standard scheme from the Internet, colorize and fill it with their data.