Natural yoghurt

The importance of natural yogurt for a healthy diet has long been proven and therefore this product must certainly be present in our diet. The useful bacteria in it not only normalize the intestinal microflora, but also reduce the risk of pathogenic flora, stimulate the immunity and assimilation of various vitamins and amino acids, and also contribute to the cleansing of the body of various toxins and toxins, which is so important in conditions of our not very favorable ecology.

The absence of stabilizers, thickeners and preservatives in home-made natural yogurt makes it in comparison with the industrial one much more preferable and preferable for consumption. What is needed to properly prepare natural yogurt?

How to make natural yogurt at home?



For the preparation of natural yogurt, only two products are needed: milk and leaven . Milk choose any non-long-term storage, which can be purchased in any store or market. The leaven is a collection of bacteria that, when interacting with the dairy environment, begin to develop, turning the milk into an extremely useful yogurt. You can buy this miracle raw material in the pharmacy or specialized departments of shops and supermarkets.

The process of cooking is absolutely simple. It is enough only to observe a few undeniable conditions and adhere to the formula indicated on the package with the leaven. And you can make yogurt, as with the use of kitchen gadgets, such as yogurtnitsa or multivarka, and the most primitive way of life. In any case, the dishes used to make the product must be sterile. This will help avoid development along with beneficial pathogenic bacteria.

For the simplest preparation of yogurt we will boil the milk and let it cool to a temperature of about forty degrees, add the leaven according to the instructions, stir and wrap thoroughly. For the favorable work of bacteria, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the medium (milk) at the same initial level. Therefore, it is desirable to place the container in addition to a warm place, for example near a battery, a plate or in a slightly heated and turned off oven, in addition to warming the container with the workpiece. If all the conditions are met correctly after eight hours, the natural homemade yogurt will be ready.

Natural yogurt in the multivark?



Some multivachine devices are equipped with a "Yogurt" mode, which allows them to be used with confidence for this process. But even if your device does not have such a function, you can use the mode with the most minimal temperature conditions, such as, for example, "Heated".

Preparing to prepare natural homemade yogurt in a multivark, boil and cool to a temperature of forty degrees milk. We mix it with the leaven in the proportions indicated in the instruction and fill it with jars that are set in a multicast griddle and filled with water at the same temperature as the milk, so that it reaches the "shoulders". After eight hours in the "Yogurt" or "Heating" mode, the product will be ready. It's enough just to cool his couple of hours in the fridge.

From any home-made natural yogurt, you can make Greek. To do this, place it in a folded four-fold gauze and weigh it over a bowl or sink for several hours. The longer the milk whey drains, the thicker the Greek yogurt will turn out.

Also, if you wish, you can add cocoa powder to the milk when preparing yogurt, so we get chocolate yogurt. And adding pieces of fruit, berries or fruit and berry puree to the finished product, we will fill it with new flavors and additional vitamins.