Vegetable juices

The human body constantly needs vitamins, whether it be summer, spring, winter or autumn. But if in the summer with this problem does not arise, because there are so many fresh vegetables and fruits, then just in the winter-spring period with this there are difficulties. You can, of course, drink pharmacy vitamin complexes, but you can remember about freshly squeezed vegetable juices, it is from those vegetables that are grown in their native region and the benefits in them, respectively, more than in imports. How to cook a delicious and healthy vegetable juice at any time of the year, we'll tell you now.

Freshly squeezed vegetable juices - recipes

It would seem that it can be simpler than to prepare juice - we put vegetables in the juicer, a couple of seconds, and the juice is ready. But here there are some secrets, using which, you can get the most benefit and taste from the drink.

First of all, pay attention to the fact that for the preparation of freshly squeezed vegetable juice, you need only use fresh fruits that are fully ripe and have no damage on the peel. If you are not sure of the origin of a vegetable, remove a thicker layer of peel than usual, because there accumulates a maximum of toxins.

It is not recommended to add salt and pepper to vegetable juices - spices reduce their useful properties. It is better to add a little garlic, the benefits will be much more, and the taste will turn out more saturated. To use such drinks it is desirable immediately after preparation, as they quickly deteriorate.

Carrot , tomato and pumpkin juices are often consumed in pure form, but, for example, cabbage or beet juice have not only an unpleasant taste, but are harmful in its pure form. Therefore, now we will tell you several options for combining vegetables to prepare juice:

In addition, you can prepare carrot-pumpkin juice (1: 1) or carrot-beet juice (7: 3).

We have given you the most common recipes of vegetable juices. Use whenever possible seasonal vegetables grown in your area, and get the most benefit.