Mickey Rourke in his youth

However, world fame for the Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke came not immediately. In his teens, Mickey Rourke has experienced quite a lot of psychological upheavals. First the parents of the future actor parted. Then the mother and her children moved to a completely new unfamiliar city. And on top of everything, Mickey had to put up with the stepfather's attacks and share the mother with the five adoptive sisters and brothers. Such circumstances could not affect the well-being of the boy. Therefore, young Mickey Rourke spent a lot of time on the street, which introduced him to boxing. Friends of the future actor showed the guy that you can pour out energy and negative emotions with the help of blows to the pear and the ring. Soon the young man began to visit the hall more often than the house. Devoting almost all the time to the sport, Rourke realized that in life it is necessary to be interested in something else, so as not to completely stop the brain. Such thoughts visited the guy more often. Having suffered a serious injury in 19 years during the fight, Mickey had to forget about her hobby. Then the future actor seriously became interested in the local drama circle. Playing on stage was a fun guy. Taking a sister's $ 400, young Mickey Rourke went to New York to realize the dream of becoming an actor.

Actor's career Mickey was not immediately successful. For a long time he was chosen only for episodic roles. True, some of them were very successful, which subsequently played the actor in plus on casting. In 1983, Mickey Rourke was elected to the main role in the film "The Bullfinch." Here the actor was helped by his sports past. Having spent a lot of fights in the ring in his youth, Mickey Rourke was very hard-paced and athletic. Since then, his popularity has only increased. The proposal to perform the main roles literally fell on the head of the young actor. Sexual idol and idol of many girls, he became after the picture "9 ½ weeks", where Mickey Rourke played with eye-popping Kim Basinger. At that time, he also met on one of the sets with his future wife Carrie Otis. But the more the actor achieved success, the more often he was visited by depression , career crises and despair. In the early 90's Mickey Rourke left the movie and returned to boxing.

Mickey Rourke before and after surgery

After five years in the ring, Mickey Rourke received a lot of injuries and damage to the face and body. Doctors forbade the athlete to go on to fight. But in the movie Rourke could not return because of crippled appearance. This was the reason to make plastic. Comparing Mickey Rourke before and after correction, you can see the corrected nose, chin, cheekbones with the naked eye. However, the attractiveness of the operation was not returned to him. The actor again and again went to the table to the surgeons. Of course, after another plastic surgery, Mickey Rourke's face became more presentable, but still took its toll. Now, along with the injuries, wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin were added.

Knowing how handsome Mickey Rourke was in his youth, and seeing what he is now, many are horrified. However, what remained unchanged is the aggressive character of the actor. Morals and sports injuries did not allow the star to have a family. After several unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child from the actor, his wife left. Despite the fact that even now Mickey Rourke periodically communicates with Carrie Otis, he spends most of his time alone. It receives fewer contracts, and the propensity to drink alcoholic beverages increases.

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Nevertheless, ardent fans of the actor remain loyal to their idol, and many remember his sexual, ambitious and desperate youth.