The beds in the greenhouse are 3 meters wide

Anyone, not even a "seven-spade in the forehead," a horticulturalist sometimes thinks about creating a good greenhouse on his site in order to even more successfully grow certain crops, prepare seedlings . From what material to make it, depends on what exactly you plan to plant here. Although polycarbonate has recently become increasingly used for this purpose. But the size of the greenhouse and the location of the beds - this is a question that is relevant for everyone, regardless of other factors. Just keep in mind that your comfort during work and the maximum performance of the greenhouse depend on it.

How to arrange the beds in a greenhouse 3 meters wide?

So, you have decided on the size of your greenhouse, at least with its width - excellent! The first step on the road to success is done. Now we can not wait to learn how to make and arrange beds in a greenhouse 3 meters wide and how many should be.

When your greenhouse is already installed, it remains to deal with its internal arrangement. It is important to understand that the yield depends largely on the proper arrangement of the beds. Surely everyone knows that they should be located from the south to the north. Accordingly, it was in this direction that you put the greenhouse. Such recommendations are given by experienced gardeners for many years.

If you are planning to plant low crops, this traditional way of bed arrangement is quite suitable for you, but if the plants are tall, then you need to arrange them from east to west, so that in the morning the sun shone along the rows and the light was evenly distributed throughout the greenhouse. In general, recently this is the most suitable arrangement for greenhouses.

The yield is affected not only by the arrangement of the beds with respect to the sides of the world, but also by their width. In addition, it is directly related to your comfortable work here. Plant the plants best in such a way that it would be convenient for you to work and harvest. The most optimal width is 45 cm, although for a greenhouse 3 meters wide, the size of the beds can be up to 60 cm with paths about half a meter.

In addition, these rows can be divided in rows so that it is convenient to care for planting.

Layout of beds in a greenhouse 3 m wide

There are several variants of the arrangement of beds in the greenhouse. The simplest is straight long rows from one end of the greenhouse to the other. The beds can be two - they will be quite wide, about 1.2 m with a width of the track of 60 cm. But in this case you probably will not be able to reach the extreme plants.

Three beds, in our opinion, a more acceptable option. Their width will be, for example, 60 cm and the same width you will have two tracks between them. In this situation, you can always go to any point of the bed, reach out to any plant and do not trample the ground around the landings.

It will be no less convenient if the central The ridge will be the widest - to it the approach is available from two sides, so that its width can reach 1 meter. It is in the center of the greenhouse that the best conditions for plants are in terms of the amount of light and heat.

But it is not necessary to arrange the series in this way. You can make another option when all the beds are located along the walls of the greenhouse, as if along its perimeter, and one - in the middle. At the same time, the width of beds and passages can be anything, you can completely adjust to yourself. In any case, with such a layout you will provide yourself with excellent access to all plants, although the crop area will decrease slightly. You can also arrange a garden in the form of pyramids in a greenhouse with a width of 3 meters - they can grow stunted plants with a small root system.